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Quality Assurance Committee and other Committees

In order to carry out some of its functions, the Degree Programme Board is assisted by committees comprised of teachers involved in the programme. These committees are listed below, indicating their specific functions and contact persons.

Quality Assurance Committee 

The Degree Programme Quality Assurance Committee helps the Coordinator to monitor the quality assurance procedures and promote a culture of quality.

For this purpose, the Quality Assurance Committee is responsible for:

  • verifying implementation of the improvement measures approved in the annual report of the Degree Programme Board;
  • monitoring the careers of students, their opinions about the learning activities and their level of satisfaction at the end of the programme, as well as graduate employment rates;
  • reporting the results of its monitoring activities to the Degree Programme Board.  

University regulations require the Degree Programme Quality Assurance Committee to comprise the Coordinator and other members of the Degree Programme Board, including student representatives. 

Members of the Committee:

Prof. Emanuele Domenico Giordano

Prof. Paolo Castaldi

Prof. Cristiana Corsi

Prof. Stefano Diciotti

Prof. Alessandra Fanfani

Joint Committee of the School of Economics and Management

The Faculty-student Joint Committee, to the extent of its responsibilities, examines issues encountered with the learning path and the experience of students, and draws them to the attention of the University bodies.

The Joint Committee:

  • monitors, using specific parameters, the programme catalogue and the quality of education and student services;
  • expresses opinions on the creation, activation, amendment and deletion of activities from the programme catalogue;
  • makes proposals to the School Board on education matters and on the allocation of financial resources in accordance with the University Statute;
  • prepares an annual report containing observations on the performance of the degree programme and its review activities.

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Internship And Thesis Abroad Committee 

Members of the Committee:

Prof. Elisa Magosso

Study Plan Committee

The Study Plan Committee assesses:

  • applications to change or transfer to the Degree Programme;
  • changes to the study plans of the students enrolled in the Degree Programme;
  • the admissibility of students who do not meet the admission requirements indicated in the Teaching regulation for the Degree Programme.

Members of the Committee:

Prof.ssa Elisa Magosso 

Prof.ssa  Chiara Bartolucci
Prof. Luca Cristofolini   
Prof.ssa Serena Morigi

Master's Degree Committee

This committee evaluates the preparation of candidates applying to the Master's Degree.

Members of the Committee:

Prof. Maria Cristina Bisi

Prof. Lorenzo Chiari

Prof. Cristiano Cuppini

Prof. Silvia Fantozzi

Prof. Rita Stagni

Didactic Regulations Committee

Members of the Committee:

Prof. Emanuele Domenico Giordano

Prof. Lorenzo Chiari

Prof. Cristiana Corsi

Prof. Elisa Magosso

Prof. Rita Stagni

Prof. Mauro Ursino