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Frequently Asked Questions about the admission procedure for academic year 2022-2023

Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the admission procedure to the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Please find the complete list of FAQ in the attachment on the right.

I do not hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering. May I apply anyway? 

Yes, students from different backgrounds can apply. The evaluation is not performed on the type of Bachelor’s you have obtained, but on which exams you have passed.
Make sure to check the “curricular requirements” you need to meet for admission, and compare them with the exams listed in your transcript of records.

I do not hold a Bachelor's Degree yet. May I apply anyway? 

Yes, students who have not graduated yet can still apply. The evaluation will be performed on the weighted average (or GPA) so make sure it is clearly stated in the transcript you submit. If you are admitted, the Degree Certificate must be submitted upon enrolling.

If you are an Italian student, remember that you need to have registered at least 162 CFU with grade in order to be evaluated. Traineeships, laboratories and other activities that are graded with a PASS (Idoneità) shall not be considered in the calculation of the CFU.

I do not hold an English certificate of at least B2 level. May I apply anyway?

If you do not hold an English certification yet, you may submit a partial application on Studenti Online, but you will not receive the official evaluation.

Incomplete applications will remain on “PENDING” status (=yellow dot on Studenti Online) until all documents are provided.

Only once all the documentation has been uploaded, the application will be forwarded to the Admission Committee and will receive the official result according to the calendar.

If by the very end of the intake (September 1st) the application is still incomplete, it will be considered “NOT ADMITTED” (=red dot on Studenti Online)

Admission cannot be granted without submitting a valid Language Certification proving English proficiency of at least B2 level.

I do not hold an English certificate of at least B2 level. Can I enrol and submit the language certification during the first year?

No, it is not possible to be admitted, and thus enrolling, without submitting the English Language Certification during the application process.

How many seats are there for international students?

The Master’s Degree Programme is open access, which means that there are no limited seats for international students. All the students who meet the admission requirements will be admitted.

Where am I supposed to upload documents such as Statement of Purpose, Reference Letters, CV,…?

Documents such as Statement of Purpose, Reference Letters, CV, and so on are NOT required, therefore there is not a specific slot to upload them on Studenti Online. If you still wish to submit them, you can attach them in the same section of your Transcript of Records and Degree Certificate. You can either upload multiple files or merge them into a single PDF document.

When will I know the result of the application?

The calendar for academic year 22-23 has been published on the website. Please read it carefully to check the deadlines and the corresponding date for the publication of the results.

I have been admitted: what should I do now?

Starting from February 2022, admitted students will have the possibility to enrol through Studenti Online. Further details about enrolment will be published soon.

International students will have to work on other aspects as well:

  • Documentation (Translation, Declaration of Value and Legalization)
  • Scholarships and grants
  • VISA application

I am an international student and I need to apply for a VISA: when will I receive the admission letter from the University?

The University will not issue any admission letter or admission offer: students who are admitted will have to submit a pre-enrolment form through the website Universitaly. The pre-enrolment will be validated, creating a PDF summay that will be forwarded to the Embassy. The summary replaces the admission letter. The pre-enrolment process through Universitaly is regulated by a ministerial note that, for the academic year 2022-2023, has yet to be published. Further instructions will be posted once the procedure opens.

Are the pre-enrolment and the enrolment the same thing? Do I have to do both?

No, the pre-enrolment and the enrolment are two very different steps, and yes, they are both required.

The pre-enrolment allows you to start the VISA application process at your local Italian Embassy or Consulate.

The enrolment allows you to confirm your choice and officially become a student at Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna.

The two processes are not connected so you must undertake both of them.

How much does the programme cost?

The maximum tuition fee for the programme amounts to around 3000,00 € per academic year. A regional tax of 157,04€ is also required to be paid upon enrolment.
Students can apply for a reductions or exemptions by submitting their ISEE document according to the deadlines published on the website.

International Students can apply for it as well, by submitting a list of documents that can be found at the following page: Documents regarding the economic situation of international students.

Further information on tuition fees is available at the page Tuition Fees, which will be updated with the procedure and deadlines for academic year 2022-2023.

Where can I find information on financial support, scholarships and study grants?

The University of Bologna provides several opportunities for financial support. Keep monitored the webpage Study Grants and Subsidies to stay up to date with the available opportunities.

There are also specific calls destined to International Students, which are listed at the page Study Grants for International Students.   

 Where can I find information on lodging and accommodations in Cesena?

Finding a suitable accommodation in Cesena might be a little hard, so it is advisable to start looking well in advance. At the webpage Accommodations and Residences in Cesena you can find three useful resources that provide accommodation to international students: Er.Go, Ser.In.Ar and the Town Hall online service, Informagiovani.

The first two assign accommodations based on a specific call, the last one is a public online service that collects private listings and offers.