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Guidance services and activities to help you choose a degree programme and at each stage of your studies.


If you need help in choosing a degree programme and preparing for entrance exams, please contact the Tutoring Service: they will provide information about the expected learning outcomes, learning activities and career opportunities, and they will clarify any doubts you may have.

Contact details:


L.go Trombetti 1 - 40126 Bologna (Italy)

+39 051 2099935

Telephone operators available on:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:00 to 12:30

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 13:30 to 15:00

You can also contact the Tutors via-email and schedule an appointment:




Guidance activities

The Degree Programme takes part in all the guidance events promoted by the University. It also organises specific activities to present the characteristics of the curricula, and to provide enrolled students with all the information they may need.


AlmaOrienta: usually held at Fiera di Bologna at the beginning of March, its aim is to introduce Bachelor’s Degrees and Single Cycles Degree to all prospective students. The 2021 edition will be held virtually on March 2nd and 3rd.

Magistralmente: aiming at introducing Master’s Degrees, the 2021 edition will be held virtually on April 20th.

Meeting with first-year students: usually held at the beginning of the semester, the aim is to discuss the course units’ organization and the related learning activities.

Open Day: during the months of February-May, the Degree Programme organises a series of meetings that provide detailed information about admission procedures and the learning activities offered.

Open week: usually held in September;

Meetings at the Istituto di Studi Superiori – ISS: the aim is to meet the scholars who study, teach and research in the ISS laboratory of excellence.

The Programme Degree also provides guidance activities through:

- Guidance Delegate, Prof. Emanuele Domenico Giordano.

- The Counselling Services Office in Cesena (Ufficio orientamento Cesena:

Each guidance and counselling activity is designed and implemented with a specific concern to be fully accessible by all users. The University also provides specific services for students with disabilities or learning disorders.


The University provides tools and services to help students in their academic experience, as well as counselling and guidance during their academic career.

More details here.

Each Degree Programme offers a counselling service implemented both by Programme Tutors and Programme Professors (Prof. Cristiana Corsi and Prof. Stefano Severi). As a general rule, each member of the Degree Programme Committee and the technical-administrative staff in the Campus of Cesena is available to enrolled students for guidance and counselling in their academic career. You can find all the useful contact details in the page “Contacts”.

In order to help the students in preparing and submitting their study plan, additional meetings about elective courses are also provided during the academic year. 


The counselling and Job Placement activities offer support, tools and guidance to final-year students and graduates in the tricky phase of searching for a job and entering the job market.

More details here.

The activities include:

- seminars on entrepreneurship culture;

- workshops on how to improve CV writing, how to prepare for job interviews, and to actively search for a job;

- sponsorship of post-graduate internships;

- companies’ presentations at the University;

- Recruiting Day at the University;

- Job Placement events (Career Day);


There are also several tools available online: a vacancy board, a CV drafting and proof-reading service, an online questionnaire on employability.

The Multi-campus structure facilitates the collaboration and the establishment of partnerships with local businesses as well as those operating on a national and international scale.

The Job Counselling and Placement activities are designed specifically to meet the demands of the job market with the cultural and professional profiles supplied by the degree programme. In the design of the Counselling activities, other elements are taken into consideration, such as: potential employers’ requests, and national and international data on employability.

Specific attention has been paid to make all the activities accessible and inclusive for every user.

More details available on the Job Placement website.