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Erasmus+ 2023/2024 - Info meeting

Friday, January 13th at 1pm on MsTeams

Published on 11 January 2023

Students are invited to participate in the Erasmus + 2023/2024 Info Meeting that has been organized on Friday, January 13th at 1pm on MsTeams. During the meeting further details on the application process will be presented. 

The instructions on how to connect to the meeting have already been sent to the students'  institutional email. 

The Erasmus + 2023/2024 call has also been published and it is available at the following link:

Students are invited to check the linguistic requirements listed in pages 6 and 7 of the Call's attachment, and, if needed, to register for the relevant placement test by January 18th at 12:00pm via AlmaRM.