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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

Call for application

General information on admission requirements and deadlines for the Master (academic year 2021-22). Classes will start in September 2021.

2021/2022 Admission Procedure Master’s Degree in Statistics, Economics and Business – curriculum Business Analytics 

The call for application (Avviso di ammissione), in an English version, is attached at this page. Please find information below for the curriculum Business Analytics and read carefully the Call for application for more details.

 - See the official Avviso di ammissione in italian here -

Admission requirements

- If you have a foreign qualification, read the specific information before continuing.

- If you are a non-EU citizen resident abroad, read the specific information before continuing.


To attend the Master’s Degree in Statistics, Economics and Business (“Statistica, Economia e Impresa”) it is necessary to have adequate knowledge of mathematics, statistics and probability tools at undergraduate level. To be admitted to the Master’s in Statistics, Economics and Business it is necessary to hold:  

Academic background  

  1. An Italian degree in one of the following classes:  
  • Ex. D.M. 270/04: L-41 – Statistics  
  • Ex D.M. 509/99: class 37 - Statistical Sciences  
  • Previous four-year system: Degree in Statistics, Demographic and Social Sciences; Degree in Statistics and Economic Sciences; Degree in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences 


Or a first cycle degree in a different class with: 

  • At least 24 ECTS in the subject area of mathematics and statistics (Italian scientific sectors: MAT/02, MAT/03, MAT/05, MAT/06, MAT/07, MAT/08, MAT/09, SECS-S/01, SECS-S/02, SECS-S/03, SECS-S/04, SECS-S/05, SECS-S/06), of which at least 16 ECTS should be in statistics (Italian scientific sectors: SECS-S/01, SECS-S/02, SECS-S/03, SECS-S/04, SECS-S/05) 
  • At least 16 ECTS in the subject area of Economics (Italian scientific sectors: SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02, SECS-P/03, SECS-P/04, SECS-P/05, SECS-P/06, SECS-P/07, SECS-P/08, SECS-P/09), of which at least 8 ECTS should be in Economics (Italian scientific sectors: SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02, SECS-P/03, SECS-P/04, SECS-P/05, SECS-P/06) 


Should the student have done some courses with an equivalent content to those listed above, it will be the Admission Board decision to consider them equivalent.  

  • The personal competencies and skills requirement is deemed to be met both by graduates in Statistics (L-41 and class 37) and by graduates withholding a degree in other fields but fulfilling the aforementioned ECTS with a final degree score of at least 95/110. 
  • For applicants holding a foreign degree, the Admission Board will ascertain equivalence between the foreign and the Italian degree.  
  • The Admission Board will evaluate the applicant’s academic background and should the student not fulfil the requirements listed above, the student will be asked to undertake an interview to assess personal competences and skills.  


English Language requirements  

Since courses are entirely taught and assessed in English, admission to the degree programme is subject also to the assessment of the proficiency in English language. Applicants are required to have at least an intermediate level (B2 accordingly to the Common European Framework for Languages). The English language requirement may be considered fulfilled in the following cases:  

  • Certification by the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (CLA)  
  • English Language certification among the following: TOEFL, ISE, IELTS, CAMBRIDGE EXAM SUITE. A table of correspondence is available at this page    
  • Other international recognised English Language certification that the Admission Board might deem appropriate  
  • First cycle degree (bachelor’s) taught in English  
  • B2 level English exam in their Bachelor’s study plan  
  • The applicant is an English native speaker (to be indicated in the CV)  
  • The applicant has gained certified working/studying experience in English-speaking countries (internship, exchange programme, winter/summer school, etc.) 
  • The applicant has gained certified working/studying experience in non-English speaking countries but in which English was required and used as working language (internship, exchange programme, etc.).  
  • The applicant has passed an OLS Test in English obtaining the B2 level  

The applicant is asked to attach any useful document that can certify their declaration or be of any help in evaluating their English proficiency. A declaration without any document attesting its value may be judged incomplete. 


Students who wish to apply for the Business Analytics curriculum are bound to have at least a B2 of English. Should they not have the language requirement, their application will not proceed. 


News for the 2021/2022 academic year

To mitigate the difficulties encountered by students who were unable to acquire any language certification required for the admission during the pandemic, between 28 June and 9 July, the CLA organizes test sessions to assess English language skills for the candidacy of international master's degrees.

 The test results in a CEFR level equal to the student's competence: Oxford Online Placement Test therefore recognizable as an incoming B2 certification


1) Only those who wish to apply for the English Business Analytics curriculum can take the test

2) The test will be administered online via the Oxford platform with the support of the Zoom platform for proctoring. The test can be taken from home.

3) The shifts reserved for those wishing to enroll in the Statistics, Economics and Business degree (Business Analytics curriculum) are:

Round 1: 28 June at 13.30

Round 2: 5 July at 11.00

4) The interested student must send an email to the address by 10 June

5) To participate, the student must have an address @ If you are not a unibo student or if you have not already obtained for other initiatives (Alamaorienta for example), you must pre-accredit yourself using the Studenti On-Line (SOL) platform on the Unibo website by obtaining credentials

6) All information on how to access the test will be communicated through the unibo institutional email address by 24 June

For more details please look at the attachment box.


Application Procedure: 

Applications will be evaluated by CLAMSEI Admission Board according to the deadlines stated in the application schedule (see table below). At the end of each intake, a final ranking will be released and candidates will be able to check from their Studenti Online portal whether they have been admitted or whether they are subject to an interview.  

Candidates can only apply to one of the available intakes. If they are rejected, they cannot apply to the following intake. Students who present incomplete applications can apply in the following intakes.  


Students who are not graduate yet by the time of the application are entitled to apply for the master program. However, they should graduate and provided all the material need for the matriculation no later than the … November 2021. If students fail to do so, their application will be voided. 


Intakes CLAMSEI a.y. 2021/2022 




Date of the Interview 

Publication of Results 

Open to 

Open to EU 
and EU 


June 3rd 2021 

June 24th 2021 

July 8th 2021 

July 15th 2021 




August 3rd 2021 

August 31st 2021 

September 15th 2021 

September 22nd 2021 




September 2nd 2021 

September 27th 2021 

October 11th 2021 

October 20th 2021 




October 5th 2021 

November 2nd 2021  

November 8th 2021 

November 16th 2021 



* The application deadline is at 13.00 (CET) of the selected day. 



During the interview, held in English, the student will be asked to solve one or more exercises of statistics and/or to answer to one or more theoretical questions. The exercised will be about the computation of probabilities, with a focus on the normal distribution, hypothesis testing on mean and variance, construction of confidence intervals on mean and variance.  


The Admission Board will give the final decision based on both the exercised and on the student curriculum and personal motivation. If the interview is deemed successful, the student will be able to proceed with the matriculation. 

Information on the interview are in the attachment box.


How to submit your application

First Step (if you do not have a UNIBO account) 

  1. Connect to to create your personal User ID and Password by clicking on “Se non sei ancora registrato”. It is now possible to switch to English language, if necessary (“If you have not yet registered”);  
  2. Register by filling out the required fields. In case you are a foreign student and you do not have an Italian Tax ID (Codice Fiscale), you can click on “International students registration” and fill out the form to obtain your User ID and Password;  
  3. After your first access you will be asked to change your password. Please remember your ID and Password as they will be always required to access your profile.  


Second Step (User ID and Password required)  

  1. Connect to by using the username and password (see “first step”) and Switch to the English Version, if necessary. 
  2. Click on “Admission application” (Richiesta di ammissione)”; 
  3. Select “Second cycle degree programme” and click next;  
  4. Select “Statistics, Economics and Business” (CLAMSEI) and click next (no curriculum is indicated in the admission procedure);
  5. Attach the required documents in pdf format.  


  • The application will only be considered valid, if the students completed the entire procedure and send it through StudentiOnline. The application can only be done online. 
  • There is no application fee required. 


Required documents 

The application must include in pdf format the following documents:  

  • Photocopy of a valid Passport or Identity Card. 
  • Transcript of record.  
  • Program of statistics, if the student earned a degree different from statistics. 
  • If the student has not gradated yet, he/she should provide a self-certification with the weighted average of the achieved exams and the presumed grade of graduation (only applicable to students enrolled to an Italian university) 
  • English Language proficiency certification: a document stating the English language skill 
  • For NON-EU citizens: a copy of your valid permit of stay, in case you already have it.  

Applicants, whose application is subject to the interview, will be contacted only through the institutional address, namely, and they will be informed of the dates and modalities of the interview (the dates are already indicated in the table above). 


Very important: EU and NON-EU students with a foreign degree  

Once admitted, EU and Non-EU students with a foreign degree shall contact the Italian Embassy or the Consulate offices in the country where the diploma was awarded for: 

  1. the pre-enrolment procedure (only for NON-EU students); 
  2. get hold of the Declaration of Value of their degree (and of the other required documents);  
  3. get hold of a valid visa (only NON-EU students).  

Deadlines for pre-enrolment are established by each Embassy/Consulate, therefore it is better to contact them as soon as possible. 
Further information on:   


VERY IMPORTANT: Students are admitted to enrolment conditionally on the legal validity of their first degree and on the possession of a visa for study reasons (only for NON-EU students). Therefore, enrolment is subject to the full compliance of the above procedure.  


Students who are matriculated sub-conditione should provide to the Registrar, via email:, their degree by at latest the 17th of December 2021.  


Useful contacts 

For further information on the admission procedure and the Programme:  

Stefania Mignani, CLAMSEI Degree Programme Director:  

Silvia Pacei, Business Analytics Referee:  

CLAMSEI Tutor:    

Martina Ricotta, Programme Coordinator: 


For technical support during the online application 

Studenti Online Help Desk:  
Tel. +39 051 2099882, Monday-Friday, from 09,00am to 1.00pm and from 2.00pm to 4pm.  

For further information on the immigration rules in Italy:   

Tuition Fee Amounts

 Tuition fees are calculated based on the 2021 ISEE value with special subsidies in relation to the right to higher education. First year students with an ISEE of up to €23,000 benefit from full exemption. Above this limit, tuition fees are calculated progressively.

The ISEE value must be submitted, even if you have not enrolled in the Degree Programme, by 2 November 2021, at 18:00 (or by 15 November 2021, at 18:00, paying a €100 penalty) accessing ER-GO Online Services, alternatively you will have to pay the full amount.

Read all information about tuition fees and exemptions.


After you have checked that all the admission requirements have been met, you can enrol on  Studenti Online:

  1. fill in the application for matriculation with the required information and attach a passport photo in digital format;
  2. pay the first instalment of your tuition fees;
  3. follow the instructions to complete the procedure which you will find on Studenti Online according to your profile.