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Final dissertation

To obtain a second-cycle degree, the student must pass a final test held in public, in written and oral form, using support in the form of paper documents and, if necessary, IT, audiovisual, multimedia aids etc.The dissertation is realized under the guidance of a supervisor.

During the final test, the students must demonstrate that they have acquired the ability and the knowledge of the DHDK programme.

The final test of the second-cycle degree programme will preferably be assigned in a subject indicated by the student. This subject must usually form part of the study plan. The supervisor of the final test is either the head of the teaching staff for the subject or the member of the teaching staff who examined the student on the subject being tested. .

The application for approval to graduate can only be submitted if the student is nearing the completion of their dissertation; once the student has filled in the online application, they must notify both their supervisor and also the president of the Degree programme by email.