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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

General information on admission requirements
Admission to the second cycle degree/two year master in Digital transformation management is subject to the possession of a 1st cycle degree or… Read more

Please find below the information about the admission procedure for the a.y. 2021/22.

Read carefully the information contained within the call for applications (enclosed to this web-page):  it is the official document to give notice of the most important details and selection procedures, criteria and deadlines.

This programme has a limited number of available positions, therefore, in order to enrol in the degree programme, it is necessary to:

  • meet all the admission requirements;
  • obtain the minimum score indicated in the call for applications;
  • be ranked within the number of available places.

You have to submit your application on Studenti Online according to the procedures and deadlines specified in the call for applications

  1. Available positions
  2. Entry requirements
  3. How to apply
  4. Evaluation criteria
  5. Deadlines and intakes
  6. Enrolment for admitted students/Matriculation


For the academic year 2021/2022, the total number of students admitted to the 2nd-cycle degree/Master’s degree programme in “Digital Transformation Management” is 60, divided as follows:

  • n. 45 positions for Italian, EU citizens and non-EU citizens with equivalent status only;
  •  n. 15 positions for non-EU citizens residing abroad only

If you are not sure if you can be considered as a Non-EU Citizen with equivalent status, check your student status here!

If the positions reserved to non-EU citizens residing abroad are not fully covered, they will be made available to the EU citizens and non-EU citizens with equivalent status quotas.


To apply for the DTM programme, you must meet the following (two) requirements:

  1. you must have obtained a three-year First Cycle Degree/Bachelor's degree  (or you must complete it by the deadline indicated in the call for applications) belonging to one of the following course classes according to the Italian Ministerial Decree D.M. 270/04:
  • L-16 Administration and organization sciences
  • L-18 Economics and management sciences
  • L-33 Economics
  • L-41 Statistics
  • L-31: Sciences and information technologies
  • L-8: Information engineering
  • L-9: industrial engineering

or an equivalent Italian qualification running under the previous degree programme system

or any other qualification issued by a non-Italian University, deemed valid


you must have obtained, by the date of the application, a total amount of 36 ECTS credits in the specific scientific-disciplinary sectors (SDS) such as Business, Economics, Computer Science, in the following Scientific Disciplinary Sectors:

  • Business SDS : SECS-P/07 Business Administration, SECS-P/08 Economics and Management, SECS-P/09 Corporate Finance, SECS-P/10 Business organization, SECS-P/11 Financial Institutions Management;
  • Computer Science SDS: ING.INF/05 Information Processing Systems e INF/01 Computer Science
  • Economics SDS: SECS-P/01 Political Economics, SECS-P/02 Economic Politics, SECS-P/03 Public Finance, SECS-P/05 Econometrics, SECS-P/12 Economic History;

24 ECTS credits among the ones above indicated have to be completed in the Business and Computer Science Disciplinary Sectors.

If you obtained your qualification abroad or a qualification running under the previous degree programme system, the Examining Committee will evaluate the correspondence between the disciplinary field of your studies and the Course Classes for the amount of credits in the scientific-disciplinary sectors mentioned above.

2) Provide evidence of your proficiency in English (B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The linguistic requirement is considered as fulfilled if you submit one of the English Language certificates or self-certifications indicated in the call for applications. PLEASE NOTE: it is not compulsory to submit a certificate to be admitted to the selection procedure. If you do not submit one, the Examining Board will assess your English language proficiency during the oral interview.


  • Login at (if you do not have a UniBo account, you need to create an account);  
  • click on “Entrance exams or requirements check” button;
  • select “Second cycle degree programme” then “Digital Transformation Management";
  • UPLOAD all the required SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: ID document, CV (to be completed on the form available on Studenti Online), Transcript of records and graduation certificate (if already obtained);
  • UPLOAD other OPTIONAL DOCUMENTS: permit of stay, B2 English language certificate, Indicate the name/s and e-mail address of the teacher/s or manager/s who will upload online the candidate’s reference letter
  • Check your application!
  • PAY for the APPLICATION FEE (50 euros)
  • Check if you are admitted to the second phase (interview) on Studenti Online: if you are admitted: check your interview date in the scheduled session and take the interview on the date specified.
  • Check the final ranking to verify if you are admitted, eligible or not eligible to enrol in the degree course:
    • If you are admitted: follow the procedures and deadlines indicated in the call for applications to enrol in the programme!
    • If you are eligible, declare your interest to enter the clearing procedure according to the deadlines established in the call for application and check if you are admitted to enrol
    • If you are not eligible, you cannot enrol in the degree programme.


The evaluation procedure is divided in two phases:

1st phase (up to 40 points – min 15/40)

The Examining Board will evaluate the documents submitted by the candidate during the application process and will draw a ranking according to candidates’ academic merit: the points are assigned proportionately to the candidates' weighted average in a scale from 0 to 40.

The candidates who obtain the minimum required points in the 1st phase are admitted to the second, but there is a max. number of students admitted to the second phase i.e.:

  • three times the number of available positions per intake for EU students and non-EU students with equivalent status quota;
  • four times the number of available positions for the 1st intake for non-EU students residing abroad quota.

If two or more students obtain the same score, prioriy is given to the younger applicant.


2nd phase (up to 60 points -  min. 35/06):

The admission board, also through a compulsory interview in English, evaluates the candidates’ CVs and possible reference letters, their logical reasoning, flexibility, relational skills along with the level of fluency, interaction and comprehension.

The points are assigned as follows:

  • CV and reference letters: up to 10 points (the admission board may positively evaluate for ex. Study periods abroad, working experience or other title of study completed by the candidates…)

Interview: up to 50 points

The final results will be expressed as a sum of the points obtained in the first and second phase.

Minimum total score required: 50/100 (at least 15/40 in the first phase and 35/60 in the second one)



There are two intakes.

If you have already participated to the first intake, you can participate to the second one if you are a EU student, unless you were considered not eligible in the first intake. You will preserve the score obtained during the interview, while you will be evalutated again for the first phase, if your average has changed.

1st intake:

  • 20 positions for EU citizens and non-EU citizens with equivalent status quota
  • 15 positions for non-EU citizens residing abroad

2nd intake – for EU citiziens and non-EU citiziens with equivalent status only:

  • 25 positions for EU citizens and non-EU citizens with equivalent status quota + residual positions from the 1st intake


1st intake

2 intake

Starting date to apply for the selection procedure



Deadline to apply to the selection procedure


1 p.m. (Italian time)


1 p.m. (Italian time)

Shortlist of candidates invited/not invited to the interview


By 29/06/2021

Interview sessions



-        Final ranking publication

-        Starting date to enrol in the degree programme for successful candidates

-        Starting date for declaring interest to enter the clearing procedure for eligible candidates



-        Deadline to enrol for winning candidates



Clearing procedures for eligible students

The clearing procedure for the first intake is for non-EU students only (Eligible EU students can apply for the second intake)

(Non EU students only)


Deadline to obtain the Bachelor’s Degree for admitted candidates enrolled sub condicione




Very Important: Non-EU students

Please contact the Italian Embassy in your home country as soon as possible in order to double check their deadline for the pre-enrollment and apply for the Pre-Enrollment at the University of Bologna

Tuition Fee Amounts

Tuition fees are calculated based on the 2021 ISEE value with special subsidies in relation to the right to higher education. First year students with an ISEE of up to €23,000 benefit from full exemption. Above this limit, tuition fees are calculated progressively.

The ISEE value must be submitted, even if you have not enrolled in the Degree Programme, by 2 November 2021, at 18:00 (or by 15 November 2021, at 18:00, paying a €100 penalty) accessing ER-GO Online Services, alternatively you will have to pay the full amount.

Read all information about tuition fees and exemptions.


After you have checked that all the admission requirements have been met, you can enrol on Studenti online:

  1. complete the application for matriculation with the required data and attach an ID photograph in digital format;
  2. pay the first instalment of tuition fees.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the procedure which you should be able to find on Studenti online