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Lecture attendance

Lectures during a.y. 2022/2023 

During a.y. 2022/23, lectures for First Cycle, Second Cycle and Single Cycle Degree Programmes will be held with students attending in person.

Some degree programmes may schedule a limited number of learning activities to be held in hybrid mode (in-person and online attendance).  

Unless otherwise disposed by authorities, lecture rooms and labs will be open to full capacity.

COVID-19 Green Pass

A COVID-19 Green Pass is no longer required when attending learning and curricular activities in person. It remains mandatory only to access healthcare facilities.

Use of face masks (respiratory protective equipment)

The use of face masks on university premises is recommended in all indoor environments. Please be reminded of the importance of wearing FFP2 respiratory protective equipment indoors in all situations that do not allow to keep a safe distance from others (approx. 1 metre), or in environments with poor ventilation.

Lecture attendance is not compulsory but is strongly recommended, with the exception of the following teaching activities*: 

  • 95633 - Laboratory on Digital Transformation
  • 95632 - Laboratory on Digital Transformation Technologies 

During these activities, students will have to solve a business challenge applying Digital Transformation skills. In order to sit the exam, a minimum attendace of 70% is required.*

*Students who are abroad with an exchange programme during the activity will have a different examination modality. 

Many students find that attending lectures regularly is the easiest and quickest way of completing the degree programme.

If you are enrolled in the first year, get off on the right foot! University marks a big change in the way you study and are assessed. Getting the right pace is important to avoid finding that you have already fallen behind in the acquisition of your education credits (CFUs) at the end of the first year.

Here are a few good reasons to attend lectures:

  1. A Professor's guidance and support is essential to enrich and complete the learning process. Learning is not about studying passively, but about unleashing your potential through interaction.
  2. During the entire education process, you grow and improve and develop your projects by comparing and discussing with other people. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with the other students in your degree programme, organise study groups, exchange notes on the various disciplines, share experiences and strategies to prepare for exams. A precious opportunity worth experiencing.
  3. While you are in class, you are studying; therefore, you are constantly learning without skipping a beat!
  4. It is essential to take active part in all practical disciplines, such as laboratory work and internships.

If you are a working student, read the information about how to extend your study period (flexible curriculum)