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Professional profiles

professional profile

Digital transformation manager

Function in a professional context:
Digital transformation managers work in the planning, design, development and management of digital innovation projects and processes in all production and research sectors; from agriculture to manufacturing to services.
Digital transformation managers:
− Design digital transformation, selecting the technologies and defining new organisational and production processes;
− Assess feasibility in terms of risks, complexities and economic returns for the company;
− Analyse business contexts to identify new opportunities for rationalisation and business innovation;
− Implement digital transformation according to their own computing and organisational skills;
− Manage digital transformation, supervising the transformation projects and relations with consultants and suppliers;
Depending on the business context, they may have a more operational role (small and medium companies) or a control function (large companies), using both practical and organisational competencies.

Competencies associated to the function:
Digital transformation managers:
- Know modern methodologies, technologies and infrastructures for the design and implementation of components, systems and software services;
- Know the technologies and software and hardware architectures for their selection and use in an innovative context;
- Are able to innovatively identify, formulate and solve complex problems demanding an interdisciplinary approach;
- Have the communication, relational, organisational and managerial skills required to manage projects;
- Know the methodologies for developing innovative business models;
- Have the competencies and abilities to analyse business models and the economic, organisational and competitive consequences of the opportunities and threats of digitalisation;
- Possess knowledge of business planning and the design of major business processes (marketing and sales, operations, finance and control);
- Possess knowledge and abilities for analysing and designing digital platforms linked to digital business transformation.

Career opportunities:
- Public bodies and private companies with a sufficiently complex business or organisation, interested in innovation and increasing the efficiency of their organisational and production processes;
- Specialist business consulting firms, with specific reference to management, IT technology and innovation;
- Companies providing services and consulting within the field of big data analytics, digital business and Industry 4.0;
- Specialist consulting and advisory firms working in the field of start ups, private equity and fintech;
- Industries and production sectors and/or users of IT components and systems interested in providing additional technological innovation services to their customers;
- Digital transformation training institutions;
- Digital transformation research centres.

Continuing to study

It gives access to third cycle studies (Dottorato di ricerca/Scuole di specializzazione) and master courses of second degree.