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Minors: programmes to expand horizons

What are minors

Minors are optional interdisciplinary programmes designed to complement your degree programme.
Minor topics range from managing the impact of climate change to understanding and communicating data; from creating smart solutions to the interconnections between science and humanities. Topical subjects that can provide useful skills to expand your future study and work opportunities.

Why enrol in a minor

There are many good reasons to enrol in a minor:

  • interest in a proposed topic
  • interest in learning new things
  • opportunity to enrich your education
  • relevance of the topic to a sector of interest for study or work purposes
  • opportunity for a different study approach

The learning activities offered by each minor take an innovative approach, for example, multimediality and group projects.

Minors available

The University of Bologna offers multiple options to satisfy different interests.

The challenge of climate change

The programme aims to provide knowledge on the status of scientific research and on the most important social and political implications of climate change and the impact of human activities.

See detailed information about requirements, learning outcomes and how to enrol.

Journey through space and time

The Spacetime topic brings together disciplines such as art, philosophy, physics, and maths, providing skills such as the ability to manage different contexts with confidence.

Through connections and interdisciplinary links, the programme will provide answers to many of the great questions at the basis of our culture.

See detailed information about requirements, learning outcomes and how to enrol.

Presentation: 21 October 2021 at 17.30.