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Policy Analysis and Evaluation (PAE) curriculum in a nutshell

LMEPP, curriculum PAE, is a master-level program in the Economics and Econometrics of Public Policy.

What is PAE?

This program trains professionals who can understand the economic rationale, the design, and the quantitative evaluation of public policy. As such, it prepares primarily (although not exclusively) for careers in the public sector. Possible career paths include: government official, public agency executive,  international organization functionary, consultant for policy/program evaluation, and economic journalist.

LMEPP-PAE is focused on micro-level policies that governments enact to tackle issues such as: poverty, inequality, climate change, underdevelopment, social security, market power and regulation, education, work, international trade, taxation.

Please keep in mind that LMEPP-PAE is highly specialized in public economics and micro-level public policy. If you are interested in macro-level policy (e.g., monetary policy of fiscal policy) then LMAEM is the right program for you. If your public policy interests concentrate in the health sector, then you should choose LMEPP-HEMAP. Finally, perhaps LMEPP is not for you if you already plan to pursue a traditional Ph.D. in economics in the future. In that case, LM(EC)2 is the right option.

Why choose PAE?

Five reasons to choose LMEPP-PAE:

  1. Study in an international program and interact with first-class instructors
  2. Learn the economic principles that should guide public policy
  3. Master econometric tools for quantitative evaluation of public policy
  4. Prepare to write policy reports on key current public policy issues and to brief a policymaker
  5. Meet and connect with professionals in the field at policy seminars