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Our programme is tailored to the European job market and is designed to shape professionals in the field of economics and management of healthcare organizations. This is an expanding set of job opportunities. HEM prepares students to seek employment in many sectors including the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, consultancy firms, large health care providers, government, international organizations, NGOs and non-profit organizations.

As a graduate of the programme, you will be qualified to work as: 

1. Healthcare strategic decision analyst

Assists senior management companies and organizations in taking decisions related to planning, coordination, management, quality improvement of healthcare services and activities.
Tasks, Skills and Potential Employers


2. Health policy and planning analyst 

Conducts theoretical and empirical research to understand how healthcare markets work, to implement health policies and regulations and to assess effectiveness and efficiency of interventions.
Tasks, Skills and Potential Employers


3. Healthcare business analyst 

Performs analysis and assessments in healthcare organizations to promote and improve administrative procedures, managerial practices, control over costs and quality assurance.
Tasks, Skills and Potential Employers


4. Programming and control analyst in the Health System Administrations 

Performs analysis and assessments in the healthcare administration to implement its mission and mandate as stated by laws and regulations.
Tasks, Skills and Potential Employers 

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