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Internship for final examination

The internship for final examination is a training experience included in the study plan, aimed at writing the master thesis. in accordance with the academic supervisor.

Who is eligible

Internship for final examination is an elective course unit that can be performed starting from the academic year in which it is contemplated in the study plan onwards.

Students interested in carrying it out have to:

1. put it in their study plan, as explained in the section Preparing the study plan;

2. autonomously search a Host Structure where to perform it in reasonable advance.



When to perform an internship

Students can submit their requests through the university internship app at any time of the academic year, only after having added it in their study plan.

The Academic Tutor is always the Thesis Supervisor.     



How to choose the Host Structure and submit an internship request

Internships may be carried out inside and/or outside the University of Bologna, in Italy or abroad.

Host Structures have to be already partnered with the University of Bologna for internships before practical activities start.

Students can go to the internship app or contact the Internship Office in order to know if a Host Structure is already partnered with University for internships. 

Internship request at a partnered Host Structure

When students have already an agreement with a partnered Host Structure, they can submit:

- Candidacy A (in reply to an internship offer already published and targeted to him/her).

When students are searching for a Host Structure already partnered with University willing to host them, they can submit:

- Candidacy B (in reply to an internship offer already published on the internship app)

- Self-candidacy (addressed to one or more Host Structures already registered on the internship app);

and wait for a reply from the Host Structure.

Internship request at a non-partnered Host Structure

When students have already an agreement with a structure not yet partnered with University for internships, it has first to request an internship agreement by following the procedure outlined in the Registration online Guide, available in the attachments box.

Only after the internship agreement has been finalized, students can submit an internship request according to one of the procedures outlined in the section Internship request at a partnered Host Structure.


Internship request at the University of Bologna

When students wish to perform an internship at the University of Bologna, they first have to contact the Responsible of the Structure (or His/Her Delegate) to verify if it possible to carry it out.

In the affirmative, students have to:

a. settle an internship programme in accordance with the Academic Tutor and the Host Structure contact person;

b. submit an internship request, according to the procedure Application for an internship at the University of Bologna.



How to activate an internship

1. Students have to submit an internship request, according to one of the procedures outlined in the Handbook for Interns, available in the attachments box.  

2. The Internship Office checks all data inserted and, in case of positive evaluation,  declares it verified.

3. The Academic Tutor verifies the contents of the internship request and, in case of positive evaluation, validates the intenrship programme. 

4. The Internship Board only evaluates internship programmes already "validated" by the Academic Tutor.

5. Students receive a confirmation message with further instructions after:

- the Internship Board has approved the internship request;

- the Internship Office has verified the successfull completion of the procedure.

6. Students can start practical activities only after they have downloaded the attendance register.



What to do to cancel interrupt or communicate changes about the internship


Insurance coverages for interns

Students are insured by the University of Bologna for injuries and against any damage they may cause and against any accident that might involve a third-party that may occur during the internship but only for the period authorized by the Internship Board.

In the event of travel to locations or structures not indicated in the internship programme, it is possible to request an extension of the insurance cover - even during the internship - on condition that the travel concerned is consistent with the objectives and purposes of the internship.

The Host Contact Person indicated in the internship programme must send an e-mail to and copying (cc) both the Intern and the Academic Tutor, specifying the place and the reasons for the travel, putting Internship travel in the subject line.

The notification must be sent no later than the day prior to travel.



What to do at the end of the internship

Once the student has completed all the hours of the internship, he/she has to:

-    declare the last day of the internship on the internship app;

  • upload the Attendance Register;
  • fill in the online compulsory survey.


  • the Internship Office verifies the Attendance Register > the online status of the internship is to be evaluated;
  • the Academic Tutor=Thesis Supervisor validates the internship  > the online status of the internship is to be registered.

The Internship Board:

requires no personal meeting with students for the registration of the internship for final examination on Almaesami;

- can register the internship for final examination on Almaesami only if the status of the internship on the internship app is to be registered.