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Programme aims

Electrical Vehicle Engineering (EVE) is an international master’s degree conveying in-depth knowledge in electric components technologies and their integration in electric vehicles.

EVE's graduates will be particularly focused on "full-electric" traction systems, the storage and management of electricity on board and the integration of the vehicle with the electricity grid.

The knowledge of the EVE engineer can be applied to the automotive sector in the areas of

  • Innovation;
  • Product industrialization;
  • Production process management, with reference to the production sectors of both electrified vehicles (OEM) and components electrical devices themselves (TIER 1 and TIER 2).

Upon completion of their preparation, EVE's graduates will have knowledge of the electronic systems and components and of the communication systems used in electric traction vehicles, of the control techniques of power electronic devices, of the electric drives and of the electrical apparatuses of board.

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Corso di Electric Vehicle Engineering - codice 5699
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