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The Climate-KIC curriculum

An introduction to the new interbnational curriculum of the master programme in Environmental assessment and manageent






What is the Climate-KIC curriculum?

The Master in Environmental Assessment and Management is an interdisciplinary programme, offering to the student the opportunity to develop high-level training on the various aspects concerning the environment, providing the tools to assess the status and to identify ways for a sustainable management and development.

Climate-KIC is a Knowledge & Innovation Community promoted by the European Institute of Technology (EIT).  It is a dynamic international consortium, which brings together representatives of industry, academia and research, around the issues of climate change.
For students, the actions take the form of opportunities for participation in advanced and innovative training projects, such as the EIT Label path, which provides 15 scholarships for selected students enrolled in two accredited MSc programs of the University of Bologna.

The Climate-KIC curriculum of the Master in  Environmental Assessment and Management gives, to a limited number of students, the opportunity to:

  • develop skills in economy and managment in an international context;
  • participate in joint meetings with students from other universities;
  • apply for grants to spend study and internship periods abroad.

The students of the curriculum will follow the compulsory courses and will choose two of the optional courses of the regular curriculum of the master in Environmental Assessment and Management.
During the second semester of the first year they will follow a Business Plan course, shared with the students of the Information and Communication Technology for Climate curriculum of the master in Electronics and Telecommunications Engennering for Energy.
They will attend specific seminars indicated as "Spark! lectures".
The activity referred to as "The Journey" will engage students in a 5-week summer school in three Climate-KIC locations across Europe, sharing experiences with other students, meeting professionals and experts to improve their knowledge and be stimulated to find innovative solutions to face the issues related to climate change.

During the second year, in addition to the attending the regular courses and the Spark! lectures, students will carry out internships in Italy and abroad, and will write their Master's thesis.

More information on the European Master Label Programme and on how to apply  are available on the dedicated Climate-KIC website.

How to apply

To apply for the selection for the Climate-KIC curriculum you must be enrolled in the Master's Programme in Environmental Assessment and Management.

To apply for the selection, go the web page: and fill out the online application form. In the form you must upload the following documents (mandatory): 

  • Curriculum vitae in English
  • Copies of your bachelor or previous degree with your transcript or with a transcript of your academic results for the last two semesters of your most recent degree
  • Proof of university registration at the Master’s level
  • A recent photograph of yourself 
  • A copy of your passport
  • Signed master label data validation form (downloadable  here)

The applications will be evaluated by a special Climate-KIC committee. A telematic interview will be held to assess your level of English proficiency and your motivations.