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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

General information on admission requirements
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Call for application


In short: admission and registration

Register on the Studenti online website and upload the required documentation (curriculum, degree certificate or signed self-certification with final grade and /or list of exams with marks).

  • A committee will evaluate if you have the access requirements (personal preparation and curricular requirements) based on the documentation you have presented.
  • If your personal preparation is assessed as inadequate, you will not be able to enroll in the programme.
  • If both your personal preparation and your curricular requirements are considered adequate, the committee will issue you a clearance and you will be able to enroll.
  • If your personal preparation is adequate but the curriculum requirements are not met by your previous university career, you will need to take an admissions test (oral exam). If you pass the test, the committee will issue you the clearance and you will be able to enroll.

Below  you will find more detailed information about the steps you need to apply and to enroll, if admitted.


Verification of the admission requirements

If you have a foreign qualification, consult the specific information before proceeding.

If you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad, please read the specific information.

The master in Environmental assessment and management  is a  free access programme, i.e. there is no limitation to the number of admitted students.

However, you need to hold a three-year degree before you can enroll.

Furthermore, enrollment is allowed only to those who meet certain requirements. In particular, to be admitted you will have to possess:

  • an adequate personal preparation;
  • specific curricular requirements.

These characteristics are assessed separately. The possession of curricular requirements, for example having obtained a certain degree or having taken certain exams, does not automatically imply the possession of adequate preparation.

Failure to pass these checks precludes enrollment in the course. 

Even if you have not yet obtained a three-year degree, you can ask to be evaluated according to the methods set out below. If you pass the evaluation, you will be able to enroll, after achieving the three-year degree. 

Assesssment of the personal preparation

The assessment of the adequate personal preparation for this programme is carried out through the analysis of the curriculum vitae, based on the documentation sent by the student.

Candidates must apply for the evaluation by November (12:00am), on the Studenti Online website and upload the following documentation:

  • For candidates that already hold a degree: degree certificate and list of exams taken with relative marks and credits; self-certification is eccepted (please attach a copy of a valid identity document).
  • For candidates waiting to graduate: list of exams taken with relative marks and credits; self-certification is eccepted (please attach a copy of a valid identity document).
  • For all candidates: curriculum vitae et studiorum according to the model downloadable from this page (in Italian), duly completed in its entirety. The presentation of the curriculum in a format different from the prescribed one causes the exclusion from the evaluation.
  • For all candidates: copy of a valid identity document with a readeable signature.

Please check the deadline for the presentation of documentation on the web site. If you submit the documentation earlier, it will be evaluated before, so you can register as soon as possible.

In fact, four evaluation sessions are scheduled, in July, September, October and November, please check on student on line.

The result of the evaluation will be communicated within two days to each candidate via the Sudenti online portal.

Candidates are evaluated as follows:

  • Academic curriculum: up to 40 point; 
  • Motivations expressed by the candidate in the curriculum vitae: up to 20 points;
  • Congruence of the academic curriculum with the master's degree course: up to 40 point; 

If you get at least 60 points, your personal preparation will be considered suitable. Therefore also your curricular requirements will be assessed.

The candidate who obtains less than 60 points is considered unsitable and is not admitted to the programme, regardless of the possible possession of the curricular requirements.

Verification of the curricular requirements

Your curricular requirements will be evaluated on the same documents you submit for the evaluation of the personal preparation, in particular on the degree certificate (for those who have already graduated) and on the list of exams taken.

You can enroll in the programme if you hold any three-years congruous degree, or an equivalent qualification obtained abroad, and have taken exams for at least 54 ECTS credits in the following subjects:

Mathematics and computer science

at least 9 ECTS credits


at least 9 ECTS credits


at least 6 ECTS credits


at least 12 ECTS credits

Earth Science

at least 12 ECTS credits


at least 6 ECTS credits

You can enroll in the programme if you hold any three-years congruous degree, or an equivalent qualification obtained abroad, even if you have not taken exams for the 54 ECTS credits as indicated above.
In this case, however, to be admitted to the course, you have to pass an admission test.

The admission test consists of an oral exam. The exam will only cover subjects not acquired during your previous studies. For example, if only your credits in Earth science are not sufficient, you will be examined only on Earth science topics, on a syllabus corresponding to the number of missing credits.

You can download the syllabus of the admission test (in Italian) form this page.

The result of the evaluation of the curricular requirements and whether you need to take the admission test will be communicated to you together with the result of the evaluation of the personal preparation.

The dates set for the admission tests are in July, September, October and November.

The exams will be held at the "Aule Scienze" building Via Sant'Alberto, 163, 48123 Ravenna.

To apply for the test, go to the Studenti Online website. Online registration is mandatory.

For further clarification and for a preliminary evaluation of your curriculum vitae, send a message to:

Authorization for the matriculation

If the evaluation of the candidate is positive both as to the personal preparation and as to the curricular requirements (in case, after the oral examination) the commitee issues an authorization, which certifies that the student can enroll in the programme.

Once in possession of the authorization, you can enroll (see below).

You can download a document with the admission procedures and the deadlines summary (in Italian) from this page.

Italian language test and exemptions from the reserved quota for access to degree programmes

Non-EU students with residency abroad must sit an Italian language test in order to be admitted to degree programmes taught in Italian. Students who successfully pass the Italian language test will then be able to sit the entrance exams or be evaluated according to course admission requirements, or, if there are none set, they will be able to register directly.


After you have checked that all the admission requirements have been met, you can enrol on  Studenti Online:

  1. fill in the application for matriculation with the required information and attach a passport photo in digital format;
  2. pay the first instalment of your tuition fees;
  3. follow the instructions to complete the procedure which you will find on Studenti Online according to your profile.