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FAST. Studying Fashion in the Country of Fashion

Fashion Studies – FAST – is an innovative programme developed by the University of Bologna and delivered in English. It focuses on various academic platforms, based on the tradition of cultural studies, entangled with economics disciplines and with teachings related to the design field. Located in one of the main fashion districts of Italy, Rimini, FAST enables a full-scale knowledge on the basic subjects concerning the fashion field (design, communication, semiotics, photography, aesthetics, etc.) alongside the operational approach of company management.


Fashion Studies – FAST is divided into three curricula. The first year provides for a preparatory calendar including a range of course units in common. From their second year students will be asked to choose a more specific curriculum among:

  • Culture of Fashion: it provides in-depth knowledge of the main aspects of Fashion trends and communication, and develops the methodological instruments for the cultural and historical analysis of Fashion and of the creatives processes;
  • Strategy in Fashion Management: it provides appropriate tools for analysing the structure of Fashion companies, and for actively operating in the related market, through the application of managerial tools and strategies;
  • Design for Fashion: it provides a full-scale knowledge of the methods and practices of Fashion design, under both a contemporary and an historical perspective.

All three curricula allow partial overlapping, as well as 300 hours internship in alternative with seminars or laboratorial activities.


Fashion Studies – FAST is a balanced symbiosis of multicultural subjects combined with new learning resources. Beside the proved experience of a highly selected teaching staff, FAST is enriched by the direct intervention of worldly known fashion designers and protagonists of the fashion industry.

For more details about the teaching activities and their contents, consult the study plan.