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FAST. Studying Fashion in the Country of Fashion

Employing an international outlook and a multidisciplinary approach, Fashion Studies (FAST) integrates humanistic tradition with activities related to product communication and/or fashion system management. Specialised libraries and cutting-edge IT resources support students’ studies, while internships and labs complete the curriculum, preparing students to respond to contemporary global challenges.

The degree programme includes subjects ranging from the Humanities to Economics, from Management to Communications, and from Design to Information Technology. This disciplinary variety fosters hybrid approaches and provides a wide-ranging understanding of the fashion system, enabling students to move with agility in the global context of the cultural and creative industries.


Fashion Studies is divided into two curricula. The first year provides for a preparatory calendar including a range of course units in common. From their second year, students will be asked to choose a more specific curriculum between:


  • Communication Strategies for Fashion Design trains experts and consultants in design cultures, with special reference to the area of visual, digital, spatial and/or experiential communication in the cultural and/or commercial sector.
  • Strategic Management for the Fashion System trains experts and consultants in entrepreneurship, with particular reference to management and marketing, both for the fashion system and its particular needs.


Both curricula allow partial overlapping, as well as 300 hours internship in alternative with seminars or laboratorial activities.


Fashion Studies is a balanced symbiosis of multidisciplinary subjects combined with new learning resources. Beside the proved experience of a highly selected teaching staff, FAST is enriched by the direct intervention of worldly known fashion designers and protagonists of the fashion industry.

For more details about the teaching activities and their contents, check the attached study plan and the scheme below.