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Formative projects with corporations and institutions

Formative projects

Collaboration agreement between Mazzini Research Archives and the Life Quality Studies Department

Since 2016, the Mazzini Research Archives and the Department of Life Quality Sciences have entered into a partnership to research, study, catalogue clothes and to create educational exhibitions and set-up projects. The first exhibition project resulting from the agreement was "Superworkers, Fashioning the spirit of the heroes".

In 2013 was held the exhibition "80s-90s Facing Beauties Italian Fashion and Japanese Fashion at a Glance”, Rimini, City’s Museum, curated by Simona Segre Reinach in collaboration with the Department of Culture of Rimini and the Mazzini Archives.

Designed and created by the students of the Fashion and Industrial Design course, with Prof. Simona Segre Reinach (CdLM in Fashion Culture and Management) acting as curator, the project showcases 5 pieces of the Workwear Collection of the Archives.


Collaboration agreement between Europeana Fashion International Association, Wikimedia Italy and Life Quality Studies Department

The arrengement was agreed upon for the research on the issue of accessibility and promotion of digital contents related to Fashion for the diffusion of culture and fashion studies.

In 2016 the agreement brought to light the event “FASHION EDIT-A-THON 2016/ Digital Fashion at the Campus of Rimini”.

The event is promoted by the Life Quality Studies Department. (QuVi) of the University of Bologna, in collaboration with Europeana Fashion International Association and Wikimedia Italia. The initiative takes place in the classrooms of the Valgimigli complex, home of the Fashion Study Programmes, which have been active for several years in the Rimini Campus and are gathered under the label ZonaModa

Agreement between the Department of Quality of Life Sciences and the Municipality of Rimini

In 2017 an agreement was signed between the Life Quality Studies Department and the Municipality of Rimini for the realization of cultural initiatives of mutual interest: exhibition projects (biennial exhibitions, outcome of the activities of the CDL in Clam and FCM), scientific events (conferences promoted by the international research group Culture fashion communication), initiatives aimed at promoting fashion, research and communication projects. The agreement is managed by a Culture Board that regularly meets to plan joint initiatives.

The last project realized is the exhibition Bodyscapes in the context of the initiative Risvolti dell'abito (Cuffs/Aspects of the clothes): clothing as an expression. At the Museum the exhibition “Risvolti dell'abito”.

For further information on the works on display, please refer to the Bodyscapes catalog (Bruno Mondadori, Milano 2016): 19th-to-the-21st century /

News Rimini talked about the exhibition:

[“Risvolti dell’abito” shows us] works of art, from tapestries to dresses and photographs, all dedicated to clothing, to be considered as a source of expression and communication. On display, works by students and contemporary artists.

The Body is the macro theme of the section hosted in the New Wing of the Museum, within which monographic rooms are set up with works by Bebhaus, Bucobianco, Romina Dorigo, Paola Gandolfi, Mariano Marini, Lucia Nanni, Lamberto Petri, Anna Rossi, ZoneModa ( University of Bologna - Campus of Rimini) while in the Manica Lunga, which is located on the first floor of the ancient museum, there is an unpublished artistic research by Anna Maria Del Bianco and Stefano Lombardelli (Italian Decoration), dedicated to the "succhi d'erba", an "illusionistic" technique of painting, imitating the wall tapestries, which thrivedbetween the XVIII and XIX centuries.

From the title of this exhibition we should understand the stratification, between objective and metaphorical aspects, between symbol and function, that the world of clothing offers to anyone who wants to investigate it."