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Information on writing a dissertation

Choosing the subject and the rules on preparing the dissertation for the final examination.

Choosing and proposing a subject

To graduate, you must propose a dissertation subject to a teacher within your Degree Programme, who will assess the validity of your proposal in relation to your study plan.  You will have to prove to be able to put together and summarize a bibliography on the subject and re-elaborate it based on the required editorial rules.

Editorial rules

Basic editorial rules to write a dissertation (see also the Editorial Guidelines in the attachment box):

  • length: minimum number of pages: 100 (200.000 characters, including spaces, or around 50.000 words);
  • font: Times New Roman or Arial;
  • font size: 12 or 13 (10 for footnotes);
  • right-left and top-bottom margins: 2.5 cm;
  • spacing: 1.5 cm.

Final grade

The Board will assess the candidate's overall performance – dissertation, curriculum, time taken to complete their studies, transfers from another University or another programme – applying specific rules for each Degree Programme.
The Board expresses its assessment with a grade out of one hundred and ten. The exam is deemed to be passed with a minimum grade of 66/110 and a maximum grade of 110/110. In the case of granting a maximum grade, the Board may also grant honours (lode) by unanimous decision.
See the information on how to calculate the average score based on your study programme

The criteria to assess dissertations are:

  • originality of the subject,
  • correct methodology,
  • level of in-depth analysis,
  • adequate writing and editing,
  • ability to express and present the dissertation.

Final Dissertation FCM - Fashion Culture and Management - Università di Bologna

The final examination in FCM is worth 18 credits. The final evaluation is based on grades out of 110. The Committee and the supervisor can give a maximum of 5 points to the dissertation, which are added to the student's final average. According to the decision of the degree programme's council from January 28th 2016, the Committee can award:
- 1 bonus point to FCM students having participated in an Erasmus+ exchange period of more than three months;
- 2 bonus points to FCM students having participated in the dissertation abroad programme periodically launched by the School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage.  

Furthermore, according to the decision of the degree programme's council from July 20th 2016, the Committee can award 1 bonus point for one out of the following activities:
- if the candidate has obtained a minimum of 5 cum laude marks;
- if the candidate has obtained supplementary credit points;
- if the candidate has been suggested by a teacher for having participated with particular dedication and success in a project without credits (i.e. setting up of expositions, web communication projects).

[N.B. In any case, 5 points is the maximum of points which can be added to the student's final average.]

For further information on the matriculation of the previous years, see the website page.

The Final Examination Board, having taken into consideration the dissertation discussion and your curriculum, will decide the final grade, which will be proclaimed after the discussion (or published on the last day of the Graduation Session on Studenti Online).