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Internships of Excellence

"Internships of Excellence" is a project conceived by ZoneModa (University of Bologna, Campus of Rimini) in collaboration with UniRimini spa.

"Internships of excellence" is a project conceived by ZoneModa (University of Bologna, Campus of Rimini) in collaboration with UniRimini spa.

The following can apply for the project "Internships of excellence":

  • students enrolled in the third year of the 1st cycle degree programme "Fashion cultures and techniques";
  • students enrolled in the second year of the 2nd cycle degree programme Fashion Studies;
  • students who have a grade point average above 28/30;

Students must insert the curricular internship in the study plan, otherwise they will be excluded from the candidacy.

IMPORTANT: those who have already indicated an "ORDINARY" internship cannot quit it to participate in one of the "excellence" kind, their application will be rejected. 

To participate: send an e-mail to, the subject must be "Internship of excellence", and it must contain the exams certificate (to evaluate the grade point average a screenshot will be sufficient), cover letter and curriculum vitae;


The main focus of the " Internships of excellence" project is to establish, among the students of the degree programmes in Fashion of the Campus of Rimini and the companies already and recently authorized which already have an agreement with the University of Bologna, internships of the highest quality, meeting specific requests of companies in the Fashion field and offering them motivated and selected students for an internship of excellence, which in the case of the excellence curricular internship will be validated with credits and in the case of the excellence post-graduate internship of excellence will be validated with an appropriate compensation, if provided for by regional legislation. (

Gain experience in companies that represent the best of the "Made in Italy" in the world is essential for all those who are preparing to undertake a virtuous and educational professional path in the territory of fashion. So " Internships of Excellence"  was born with the aim of involving companies that will have the opportunity to request, during special moments of the year, students and newly graduates (pre-selected by a specifically constituted internship committee) equipped with the specific skills that companies need, in order to meet through the internship the world of work, in the most functional way possible.

Based on agreements between the ZoneModa work group, UniRimini and the companies in the Fashion field, the professional profiles and the periods of the year to consider will be agreed upon, also according to the requests of the participating companies.

The internship projects established with the companies will then be published on our social media channels, and will be described in great detail in the area dedicated to the Internships of excellence.

The Internship of Excellence area will contain all the material useful for providing an excellent showcase to communicate and make people know projects, perspectives and events. Selected students will have to document their training experience with photos, texts, videos or productions of any kind. The most interesting and noteworthy cases will therefore have a central position on our conduits, making a point of the importance of the involvement of our students to the whole extent of the Italian fashion industry.

Compulsory compilation of the questionnaire before the beginning of the application.


Students who will reply to the initiative will be selected, starting in autumn 2013, by a special commission that will evaluate the motivational aspects but also the course of studies and the results obtained in terms of grade point average of the exams.



The excellence internships will fully respect the rules, the durations and the usual dynamics of the curricular and formative internships, according to the regulations available on the institutional websites, controlled by the Rimini Campus Internship Office.


New legislation regarding internships:

In Emilia-Romagna, the regional law of 19 July 2013, № 7 is in force as of 16 September 2013. The Regional Law 7/2013, to confirm the strategic structure of Law 17, implements the "Guidelines on Internships" adopted by the Government, Regions and Autonomous Provinces with the agreement of January 24, 2013, as required by law 92 of 2012 "Provisions on the reform of the labor market with a growth perspective".


 Info and details:

For further information of this kind we invite you to contact for postgraduate internships (after graduation/post-lauream), for curricular internships (before graduation/pre-lauream.)