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Programme aims

The 2nd cycle degree / two year Master programme, delivered in English, considers fashion as a complex system of discourses, images and objects, in which ideas, design, production and consumption are woven together.The approach relates the theories and methodologies of industrial design, economics, modern art, photography, cinema and sociology, fostering a multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis and study of the fashion-object.In this interdisciplinary teaching framework which creates synergies between design process, production and communication strategies, the 2nd cycle degree/ two yearMaster programme provides the analytical and practical tools to develop cultural and creative strategies.

Within this learning programme, great importance is paid to economic course units, helping to build a common platform for the management of fashion businesses; managerial course units provide students with the conceptual tools required to analyse business structures and work actively in the markets, creating both market and business value and applying the operational dynamics of management to the fashion system. An equal balance of culture and management is adopted right from the first year, with contributions in both marketing and fashion product positioning strategies and more purely aesthetic and creative areas, as widely requested by companies in the sector to meet the demands of the market.

With an international profile, the programme aims to uphold the creative and production culture inherent in the world-renowned Italian fashion production system, meeting the frequent demands for educational support from foreign universities over the years. Moreover, the international profile is vital for guaranteeing the effective operational skills of graduates in the market, which is certainly not limited to Italy. The special features of the programme also make it unique on the international education market, not being limited exclusively to a design profile or purely business-oriented profile.

The 2nd cycle degree / two year Master programme aims to develop design, relational, management and organisational expertise, applied to the creative and productive fashion industry. In these professional fields, in order to perform some functions with greater levels of independence and responsibility, further skills may be acquired through internships and/or post-graduate vocational courses. Graduates are able to take on these post-graduate courses thanks to their cultural knowledge, critical and methodological skills and learning skills developed during this programme.

The described skills are developed through lectures, tutoring, multimedia laboratories and tailoring workshops, lectures by experts, workshops, local and national research projects, guided tours and internships.