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Professional profiles

professional profile

Fashion Trends, Culture and Communication Expert/Consultant

Function in a professional context:

Analyst for fashion trends, artistic management and organisation of products and events in the fashion sector. With increasing levels of independence in proportion to both experience and specialisation, these professional figures perform the following functions:
- Assisting the creative management and coordinating communication projects, liaising with the heads of coordinated image design
- Ability to identify, also from a historical perspective, the main fashion trends and to relate with product design managers by compiling reports on future scenarios and trends
- Managing public relations alongside the corresponding team, and knows how to organise and co-ordinate events for the sector press; can produce corporate visual and merchandising books, editorial content for printing and for the web;
- Conducting creative research for fashion collections and collaborates to optimise the creative pool solutions to ensure that serialized production is carried out with the greatest possible convertibility.

Skills associated with the function
- Ability to identify fashion trends through alignment with other areas
- Writing skills and knowledge of editorial and communication techniques, including through use of multimedia communication tools and programmes
- Familiarity with research techniques used with archives, image databases, the Internet and fashion archives; - Ability to apply sectoral investigation methods
- Ability to translate original and creative ideas into designs and practical work
- Organisational and time management skills
- Personal initiative and entrepreneurial skills
- Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team

Career Opportunities
- Public and private institutions and businesses providing cultural services for the promotion, protection and development of fashion
- Companies in the textile/clothing sector with particular attention to research and innovation in the field of fashion
–Communication agencies, press offices, editorial departments and professional image design and product display firms
- Consulting firms, observatories specialised in projections and trend analysis, archives, libraries, museums, galleries and foundations

Fashion Business Management Expert/Consultant

Function in a professional context

Marketing management, sales and product communication strategy, e-commerce in the fashion industry. With increasing levels of independence proportionate to both experience and specialisation, these professional figures perform the following functions:
- In the business management field, supporting the management team in strategic and management decision making, at both business unit and corporate level
- Analysing how the company generates market and shareholder value
- Coordinating the needs of the creative department with managerial needs
- Managing relations with the sales channels
- Managing product launches and development

Skills associated with the function
- Ability to apply sectoral and market analytical methodologies
- Ability to assess the business expansion possibilities
- Ability to identify the most appropriate forms of distribution and sales for the product/market combination
- Ability to analyse the international competitive environment
- Ability to organise and harmonise creative and managerial processes

Career Opportunities
- Textiles and clothing companies at different levels of the supply chain
- Businesses and associations providing consultancy and services to companies operating in the fashion system

Fashion Products Design Expert/Consultant

Function in a professional context

Artistic direction for product communication and the design, layout and organisation of events in the fashion industry

With increasing levels of independence proportionate to both experience and specialisation, these professional figures perform the following functions:
- Managing the promotion phase of the fashion product by developing an appropriate visual communication project
- Organising events for the fashion product with expertise in the exhibition design relating to both the commercial and cultural sectors
- Participating in and coordinating design and management teams for cultural events, exhibitions and fashion shows

Skills associated with the function
- Ability to exploit the fashion product in the contemporary economic, social and cultural system
- Ability to develop communication projects (visual, spatial or experiential) related to the commercial and / or cultural sector
- Ability to assess the impact of communication projects in the fashion industry thanks to historical-critical knowledge related to this field

Career Opportunities
Companies requiring the professional figure of an artistic director, with particular reference to those in the fashion industry
- Agencies organising and putting on exhibitions and shows for fashion products
- Communications agencies (visual, spatial, experiential) for design products with particular reference to the fashion field

Continuing to study

It gives access to third cycle studies (Dottorato di ricerca/Scuole di specializzazione) and master courses of second degree.