Vai alla Homepage del Campus di Rimini Second Cycle Degree/Two Year Master in Fashion studies


The following indications are addressed to students who enrolled in Fashion Studies in the a.y. 2022/23.

Students who enrolled in previous academic years must consult this page.


If you are a 2nd year student you must prepare your study plan according to the procedures and deadlines indicated on this page.

In particular, you must choose at least 12 CFUs in a group that includes the Internship (12 CFUs) and the following learning activities:

  • B0714 - Seminars: Design and Communication – 6 CFU
  • B0715 - Seminars: Marketing and Management – 6 CFU
  • B0716 - Seminars: Trends and Culture – 6 CFU

If you do not opt for the Internship, you must choose 2 of the “Seminars: … ” above. To obtain the marks for one of these activities, you must complete a laboratory associated to it.

The laboratories have a restricted number of places. To participate you must be regularly enrolled in the 2nd year of FAST. Attendance is mandatory for the 80% of the lessons (24 out of 30 hours).

Following is what you need to do to obtain your marks for each learning activity "Seminars: ...":