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Study grant for dissertations abroad

Study grant to go abroad and work on your dissertation.

A dissertation abroad programme is periodically launched by the Department for Life Quality Studies. Please find here the Call for Applications.

The students that can apply for the grant must be enrolled in one of the following courses:

-    Second Cycle Degrees in “Management delle Attività Motorie e Sportive”, “Scienze e Tecniche dell’Attività Motoria Preventiva e Adattata”, “Scienze e Tecniche dell’Attività Sportiva”, “Wellness Culture: sport, health and tourism”.

-    First Cycle Degree in “Culture e Tecniche del Costume e della Moda”

-    Second Cycle Degree in “Fashion Culture and Management”

The grant consists of four scholarships of € 3.350 each for a period abroad of at least 4 months. Please note that to get the grant students are required to leave 6 months before the deadline (30/01/2020).

In order to participate the candidates, need to present the following documentation:

-    Application form

-    Research project of max. 400 words (in Italian)

-    Curriculum Vitae

-    Self-certification of exams with marks and dates

-    Self-certification of language proficiency

-    A document containing your dissertation project that must be signed from your supervising professor

-    Document to declare your contacts with the hosting institution

-    A copy of your valid ID card

Please note that every document must contain date and signature, otherwise your application will not be considered as valid.

The Commission will also take into consideration applications of graduate students that obtained their degree in less than 6 months. In this case, the period abroad will serve as an in-depth analysis of the topics already discussed in the dissertation.

For assistance with the application you may refer to FCM's tutor Emanuela Barbapiccola: