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Guidance services

Guidance services and activities to help you choose a degree programme and at each stage of your studies.

Guidance for Prospective Students

To assist you in making your choice and support your preparation for entrance exams, you can turn to the tutoring service. Here, you will receive information about the educational objectives, teaching activities, and job opportunities, and you can clarify any doubts you may have.

Guidance Activities

The course participates in orientation events promoted by the University and organizes other specific activities to introduce students to the characteristics of the study path and provide enrolled students with all the necessary information to start their studies.

  • Orientation Days;
  • Meeting with first-year students and Open Day: where information about the organization and teaching methods, access procedures, and training activities are provided. Initiatives will be advertised on the website.

Guidance for Enrolled Students

The University of Bologna provides students with tools to make the most of their university experience and receive informational and guidance support during their studies. In addition to tutoring, counseling, and internships, it organizes initiatives and activities beneficial to your path.

Contact details:
Antonio Schiavulli - Program coordinator

Guidance for Graduate Students

The University of Bologna offers support to those who intend to continue their education or enter the workforce.

More information are available at this link