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Information on writing a dissertation

Choosing the subject and the rules on preparing the dissertation for the final examination.

In order to get your degree, you need to pass a public final exam, written and oral, and if necessary, supported by presentations, videos, audios etc.

During the final exam you are expected to show your skills in critically interpreting historical sources as well as your ability in projecting, writing, and presenting a dissertation that originally faces an important historical and cultural issue.

In order to get 24 CFU, your dissertation must be at least 150 pages long (2000 characters including spaces for each page = 300.000 characters)

Your dissertation may be enriched by audio and visual media and must be conducted under the supervision of one faculty member (relatore).

Students usually choose the supervisor of their dissertation among the faculty members who teach courses listed in their study plan.

In case you would choose a faculty member whose course is out of your study plan, you need to ask the Board of the Degree Program. The Board will also appoint a co-supervisor among the faculty members of the Degree Program.

Starting from the AY 2018/2019 you must find a supervisor and provide the program coordinator with a tentative title and abstract at least 6 months before the date of your defense by completing the form attached.

Dissertation and abstract must be uploaded only in pdf format on Studenti Online by the dates in which you have completed all requirements

Your dissertation and presentation will be graded and points will be added to the average grade to get your final grade:

  • 4 points (excellent): only in case of outstanding research and brilliant presentation
  • 3 points (very good)
  • 2 points (good)
  • 1 point (fair)
  • 0 points (passing grade)

If you get a total of 110 points, the Degree Board may decide to add honours (lode) to your final grade