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Course unit survey AY 2016-2017: students’ opinions

Published on 21 November 2017

The data collected in class on the course units for AY 2016/17 is now available

You can consult the opinions given on the course by the students through their closed answers to the questions in the questionnaire in aggregate form, including the percentages of answers given overall on all course units in the programme curriculum and as a graph, showing the distribution of positive opinions for each course unit and for each question.

With the students’ direct participation, the results of the survey represent an important element for the programme:
- to support dialogue between the student representatives and the teaching staff;
- for the self-assessment activities relating to the quality of the degree programme. For example, concerning the design of the study plan for the following academic year;
- to provide inputs for improvements the teaching staff can make to the course unit programme, based on the open answers given in the questionnaire.