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Study grant for dissertations abroad

Study grant for dissertation abroad - OPEN

deadline: 12th April 2019 at 12:00

General information on how to obtain a grant from the University for conducting research abroad for your dissertation.

The University of Bologna periodically launchs Calls for applications to offer grants to graduating students to spend time studying abroad in order to carry out a reasearch and write their dissertations.

In order to apply, students shall meet the criteria and requirements laid down in the Call for applications. 

As part of the project, candidates must carry out research on an international topic for which research of material abroad is relevant, producing a research project validated by the supervising professor.

The maximum of duration of the period spent abroad is six months.

To apply, students must document (for this purpose, printed e-mails are deemed valid) all contacts with foreign institutions and enclose them with the other documents required for the grant application.