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Graduation Day and Graduation Diploma/Parchment

All the information about the graduation session and how to receive your Diploma and Certificates

Online Graduation 

Following the COVID-19’s emergency and the ensuing Government’s provisions, the University of Bologna will hold graduations in an online mode.

Day and time are communicated trough an e-mail message at your account.

The graduation’s conference call shall deploy the app Microsoft TEAMS, which you can access as Unibo’s students. In order to take part in the online session you need to have access to an internet connection and to be able to use a microphone and a webcam. (check the attachment  technical guidelines)

Please be aware that:

  1. The graduation day you will be required to show a valid ID/Passport. Keep it close at hand.
  2. We are sure you feel that the event is official: although we are facing extraordinary circumstances, graduation represents the final step of your academic experience. Therefore, you need to be careful and responsible during the online graduation, for instance not having noises in the background or interruptions. On the other hand, your family and friends can certainly be there with you. Alternatively, you may invite to the TEAMS meeting guest with account, whom the Committee should accept.
  3. As we stated in a previous email, as soon as the situation is back to normal, a Proclamation Ceremony will be organized. Nevertheless, as far as your Degree is concerned, you will officially and legally be issued the Academic title on the day of the online session, as far as it has been successfully completed.

Certificates and parchment/diploma

Students will receive their diploma (original parchment) directly at the address they have indicated in  for communication purposes. Please check carefully the address you have indicated within your application and remember to modify it if needed. 

If  you would like that your diploma is send to an address outside of Italy, please write an email to Registrar office (  indicating your name and the full address to which you ask the delivery of the parchment, and attach a copy of your passport. 

Students can print their degree certificates on

Other certificates, self-certifications and Diploma Supplement:
Degree certificates and models for self-certifications are available for download on your SOL profile a few days after your Graduation day. Make sure you choose to download the right option for your purposes. Please click here for more information on the downloadable certificates, self-certification models and on the Diploma Supplement.