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What our students are saying

Interview with Megan Clancy (USA)

CLAMDA-IM Graduate, Class of 2013

Did getting this degree help you to find a job? 

Yes. International Business degrees are in high demand now and this particular program definitely helped me find a job in Italy. Graduates from CLAMDA-IM work in some of the biggest companies, as Cristina has stated, and have helped to form a network and get our name out there.

I think it also depends where you would like to work afterwards. CLAMDA-IM graduates work all throughout Europe, and also a few have gone to Asia. I'm not sure how the degree translates in the US, but I think Justin Miller would be able to help you out if you are interested in returning to the states after getting this degree (since he did the same I believe).

What kind of job did you get after completing the program? Did you participate in the internship portion of the program? If so, did that help make connections for finding a job? Did you work while participating in the program?

I worked as an Intern in the Project Management Department at Automobili Lamborghini during my second year of the program and was offered a permanent job before graduating. I graduated in March and switched to Maserati, where I have been working for the past 5 months as a Project Planner and Controller. As a foreigner (especially as a non-EU citizen), I think that the internship part of the program is extremely important. It helped me build a network and gain experience so that I could secure a permanent job before I graduated, which made the whole visa and residency permit process much much easier. The university helps out a lot in finding an internship, so there are many opportunities to take advantage of.

You could definitely work while in Italy. With a student visa you can work legally at any company, and if you would like to stay after graduating you will just need to convert your residence permit from a student to a working one.

What was your background before the program (i.e., were you a student or were you a professional)?

Before the program I was a student at UC Berkeley. I participated in the Study Abroad Program during my junior year and decided to come back after I graduated to get my master's degree.

Apart from the great classes and finding a job, I think the best part of the program was the group of friends that I made. It's a small group of people (about 40 students) from all over the world and you work close together every day for 2 years. I met some of my best friends there, so it was worth it just for that. Also, the living in Italy part is not too bad either ;-)

Interview with Justin Miller (USA) 

CLAMDA-IM Graduate, Class of 2011

Did getting this degree help you to find a job? What kind of job did you get after completing the program?

Justin MillerAbsolutely. With my undergrad degree, I graduated into the worse economy in recent US history; I chose to get my masters in the CLAMDA program & hoped the economy would be better when I graduated a second time (in 2011). It was not. I returned to the US after graduation and began searching for a job. Having CLAMDA on my resume was the #1 conversation starter with recruiters and prospective employers. It took a few months, but I eventually landed at a major international shipping firm - where I have been ever since. I regularly work with Italians and other European nationals as part of the day to day business. An Italian degree certainly boosted my resume when applying for my job.

Did you participate in the internship portion of the program? If so, did that help make connections for finding a job?

I did a short (about 2 month) internship with CRIF, a credit marketing/management firm. As I did not stay in Italy after graduation from CLAMDA, having that internship did not necessarily help me find a job locally. However, having that on my resume certainly gave me some prestige points as a candidate once I got back to the States.

What was your background before the program (i.e., were you a student or were you a professional)?

I was professional, in the banking industry, having graduated from Arizona State in 2008 & began at UniBo in 2009.

Did you work while participating in the program?

Aside from the short internship, I did not necessarily work; however, I did give English language lessons & conversation practice with non-English speakers for a bit of cash on the side. There was always plenty of homework and projects to do, I'm not sure I could have held a full time or part time job while attending; plus it's so much better to spend your free time seeing everything Italy has to offer!

Interview with Beatrice Scappini (ITA) 

CLAMDA-IM Graduate, Class of 2013

Tell us about your time at the University

I chose CLAMDA-IM because I wanted a high-quality international education in order to obtain skills enabling me to manage and to have a clear comprehension of the economic, managerial and financial world. The best experience is the relations created with my classmates, who are working around Italy and the world, with whom I meet and get in touch frequently. With them, I spent 2 challenging years that enriched me at the personal and professional levels. Other good experiences were: good relations with top professors coming from Bologna, Italy, Europe and the world; having a tutor and a coach completely dedicated to our course; lots of supplementary courses and projects that enriched the student’s formation; having privileged ways of interaction with different offices of the university.

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

CLAMDA-IM helps me to propose me to the labour market in a more professional way compared to other graduated people. It permitted me to work by my-self as sustainability consultant immediately after the graduation. Furthermore, it gave me knowledge and skills to evaluate well the opportunities and the risk of starting an entrepreneurship life style. This made me competitive and effective on my job.

Alumni wisdom

If you are interested in management and in the economic world, CLAMDA-IM is the best offered considering price/quality. When you’ll be inside CLAMDA-IM I suggest to follow all the exams (not compulsory exams included) offered by the course, so you will maximize your time and money investment towards a 360° management formation. Finally, maximize your summer time with stage/working and travelling experiences.