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Our collaboration with Johns Hopkins University SAIS

Our collaboration with Johns Hopkins University SAIS

The International Relations Master's Degree has established a collaboration with the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) that is one of the top graduate schools for international relations in the world and it is a division of Johns Hopkins University. 

SAIS provides a multidisciplinary approach, with studies in the areas of international affairs, economics, diplomacy, policy research, and language, that allows you to tailor your curriculum to the issues that matter most to you.


A unique perspective

I first attended a course at SAIS Europe on UN peacekeeping held by a professor with decades of direct field experience. This unique insider’s perspective, along with the inspiring environment that SAIS offers, encouraged me to apply for the MAIA program and join this international community.

Giorgia Renoldi, Italy

An invigorating opportunity

"SAIS has been an invigorating opportunity. For anyone with a passion for international affairs and global politics, they will have more than they will be able to get their hands on in terms of courses, materials, and extra-curricular events. I am personally grateful for the chance to be here and plan to make the most of it."

Omar Abdin, Jordan


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