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New Tuition Fees System

Published on 07 October 2017

The University of Bologna has a new system for calculating tuition fees. All students pay based on their Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator (ISEE), irrespective of the degree programme that they enrol on.

Full exemption is granted for ISEE values up to €23,000.00. Above this threshold, the tuition fee increases proportionally to the ISEE value, with special subsidies for the lowest incomes.

To pay a tuition fee calculated based on your economic situation, you must submit the application before 15/12/2017.

Find out how to apply to have your tuition fee calculated based on your economic situation.

Obtaining your ISEE value takes several weeks, so apply for the certification now. To find out what the ISEE is and how to obtain it, see the ISEE Guide.

If you do not intend to submit the application, you will have to pay the maximum contribution amount for your degree programme, with the terms and conditions listed below.