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Information on Calls for Application for DAAD Study Grants

In this section you can find useful information on the Calls for Application for DAAD Study Grants

In 2012 DAAD increased the number of the DAAD Study Grants for Italy by 22% with reference to the previous Academic Years. Thanks to this remarkable increase nearly 500 students, PhD students, Postdocs and Professors from Italy had the chance to spend a period of study or research in Germany.

For this Academic Year DAAD gives more than 200 individual Study Grants. The programmes can be related to all disciplines and also those who do not know the German language can take part in the programme – in fact there are more than 1200 Degrees and PhD programmes delivered in English in Germany.

The Calls for Application are available in this website: and are divided into Academic Target.

- First Cycle Degree (Bachelor’s) and Single Cycle Degree Programmes Students:

- Second Cycle Degree Programmes (Master’s) Students and Graduates:

- PhD students:

- Post-Docs:

- Professors and Researchers:

DAAD Newsletter:

Our Language Assistants Network in Italy is at your disposal: Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Genoa, Milan (University of Milan), Naples (L’Orientale), Palermo, Rome (La Sapienza University and Roma Tre University), Udine, Urbino (contacts:


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