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Programme aims

The 2nd cycle degree programme produces graduates with superior knowledge of at least two European and international communication languages (in addition to Italian). This international programme uses English as its lingua franca for non-linguistic course units, hence all students shall possess an excellent command of the English language.

The great practical competency – both written and oral – goes with a deep Language knowledge that allows students to know and interpret the sociolinguistic codes involved in an intercultural communicative situation. Students are also provided with specific knowledge in the fields of linguistics, philology and intercultural communication, as well as in the production of written and oral texts belonging to different genres. The Study Programme prepares students to become: 1) Language and Cultural Expert for International Relations and 2) Editor and Sub-Editor of texts in different languages. To this extent the learning activities – besides linguistic disciplines – face the main cultural, historical and social issues and aim at developing a great knowledge of economical and juridical disciplines. The main specific learning outcomes are: the acquisition of a deep competency of theoretical and practical instruments to decode and produce specialized texts – both written and oral – which can be used in international communication, as well as their implementation at the Information Technology level.