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An idea for a startup related to Africa? Discover why to do it

On December 13th, join the presentation of StudENTforAfrica24 to learn about the benefits of the program that supports the growth of your ideas to create social and economic development in Africa.

13 December 2023 from 02:30 to 04:00

In presence and online event

Why it's so interesting

Investing in business ideas for development in Africa is intriguing for:

  • Growing Market
    Africa is one of the rapidly growing markets with significant potential for economic development. Your startup could seize opportunities in an environment where demand for new products and services is continually rising.
  • Innovation and Technology
    Africa provides a fertile ground for cutting-edge entrepreneurial ideas, and you can benefit from a dynamic and expanding technological ecosystem.
  • Sustainability
    The increasing interest in sustainability and renewable energy opens new avenues for innovative businesses. Africa offers fertile ground for sustainable solutions, with the potential for a positive impact on local communities.
  • Culture
    Africa is rich in unique cultures and traditions, providing a stimulating environment for the development of creative ideas and the adaptation of products/services to the specific needs of diverse communities.

Why StudENTforAfrica24 can help you

The program offers support services for the development and consolidation of business creation projects, cash prizes from sponsors, and access to a network of relationships with African universities and startup services based in Africa.

Want to learn more?

Join us on December 13th online or in person at the Conference Room at ALMALABOR, Via Ugo Foscolo, 7, Bologna.
Register for the event.