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Health and Safety Training Courses for students

How to register and attend the compulsory Health and Safety Training Courses

The University of Bologna organises compulsory training courses to promote Health and Safety in study and research areas.

According to the Italian Law (Legislative Decree 81/08) students who attend laboratories of any kind for study and research purposes are considered as workers, as concerning their health and safety, and they must be trained on the risks they run in carrying out their work activities.

The participation to safety training is compulsory in order to access laboratories or carry out internships at university, other institutions or private companies. 

Safety training is divided into three modules. Students have to attend online modules for the general training (module 1) and basic specific training (module 2) and the advanced specific training module (module 3).

General training and basic specific training  (e-learning)

The modules for general training (module 1) and basic specific training (module 2) are offered by University of Bologna in e-learning mode, in Italian and in English. Regularly enrolled students can access the online courses by entering the Unibo e-learning platform with their institutional credentials and selecting the title of the course. The final test is to be accomplished on the online platform at the end of the course.

Once the test has been passed, the certificate can be downloaded from StudentiOnLine, in the area “Certificates and self-certifications”.

Detailed info about the e-learning modules are available on this page.

Advanced specific training 

The Advanced Specific Training (Module 3) deals specifically with the risks related to the chemical laboratory.

The Photochemistry and Molecular Materials Master organizes sessions in English for the module 3, at least once a year.





Module 3: Advanced Specific Training – Chemical Risk


25 November 2021

from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

on-line Teams

Dr. Andrea Toschi

Registration to the course is mandatory and it needs to be carried out on Studenti Online from November 8th at 7 am to November 22th at 11 pm.

The certificate is also valid outside the University of Bologna and, as far as the general module is concerned, it does not expire; certifications for the other modules (specific training) expire after five years.


If you have already been trained ...

If you have already been trained (Modules 1 + 2 + 3) in Chemistry and Chemistry and material chemistry Degrees of the University of Bologna, you should not do anything else.

In case of missing part of training, you will have to follow only the missing one.


If you have been trained on Safety according to the Italian Law in other courses, you can send the certificate via e-mail to Dr. Stefano Grilli <> for the evaluation of the certificate.