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Programme aims

This 2nd cycle degree aims fundamentally to create experts in the fields of:

(i) design and synthesis of new materials and nanomaterials with tailored properties;

(ii) modelling and simulation of the chemical and physical properties of both functional and structural materials;

(iii) chemical, physical and mechanical characterisation of natural and synthetic materials;

(iv) interaction of light with molecules and nanomaterials and investigation of their effects, the governing mechanisms and relative investigation techniques.

An internship is completing the curriculum; this may be performed in the university or in research centres – in Italy or abroad – or in selected companies.

During the internship the student is actively involved in an experimental research project, and acquires the knowledge to solve problems and critically analyse the results.

Having completed the 24 CFU allocated to this activity, the student will be able to

(i) perform bibliographical research

(ii) manage advanced sofwtare and state-of-the-art instruments

(iii) focus on the chosen topic within a broader context

(iv) propose experimental and theoretical approaches to increase his/her knowledge of the chosen topic.

The student will report the results of his/her research project in the final examination.

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