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This 2nd cycle degree qualifies students to access to third cycle studies (Research Doctorate and Specialization School) and second level university masters. It enables to undertake a scientific career both in academia and in research institutions.


Job Market

INDUSTRIES and PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS operating in the following fields

  • environment: effects of light and radiation on pesticides, pollutants, plants and bacteria
  • energy: photocatalysis, conversion of solar energy into chemical and electrical energy, batteries
  • health: photo and radiotherapy, medical diagnostics, biomaterials for implantology and drug transport
  • pharmaceutical: design, synthesis and characterisation of molecular solids of pharmaceutical interest, photosensitisers for drug synthesis, effect of light and radiation on drugs
  • smart materials for photochromic glasses, photodegradable materials, pigments and dyes, electronics and information technology, sensors
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Corso di Photochemistry and Molecular Materials - codice 9074
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