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What our students say

Eleonora Balducci

How much chemistry is there in a plastic bottle? And how much in the process of making a cap? In a laser? How many wheels does a molecular machine that runs on solar power have? If you are a curious student or if you want to understand how many different things a chemist can do, The Photochemistry and Molecular Materials degree program fits for you

Process technologist– R&D group SACMI Imola

Simone Vagni

The course provides a broad view of many branches of chemistry that are becoming increasingly important in the professional field. The use of advanced equipment and methodologies allows you to become familiar with the role of a chemist within a laboratory, whether it is a-pure-research lab or an industrial setting

Technical Developer Footwear Polyurethane Systems BASF Italia S.p.A.

Federico Modesti

The professors are prepared and internationally recognized, ensuring a cutting-edge training on the proposed topics. In addition, the dense network of national and international collaborations guarantees the possibility of doing theses or internships in Italy or abroad at research centers of excellence

PhD student, BASF Crystallization of organic semiconductors and fabrication of electronic devices

Giulia Rossi

The course allowed me to acquire solid methods of analysis and problem solving and to refine my logical and organizational skills. The chemical skills learned, combined with the scientific approach allowed me to build a solid and versatile know-how, which led me to specialize in process engineering in the biomedical sector

Process Engineer Livanova

Letizia Liccardo

I will always carry in my heart all the experiences and emotions lived during this beautiful path; from the meeting with the three Nobel Prize winners for Chemistry in 2016, to my graduate internship. I will forever thank the Professors who, with great professionalism, passion and humanity, accompanied me during these two unforgettable years

PhD student in Chemistry, DSMN University Ca’ Foscari Venezia Nanostructured materials for the photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceutical pollutants and dyes in wastewater

Andrea La Monaca

Thanks to the academic and corporate collaborations that are nourished within the Department of Chemistry "G. Ciamician", students have the chance of finding new job opportunities, other than study and research experiences at national and international level, making the post-graduate path easier

PhD student in «Science of energy and materials» Centre d'excellence d’Hydro-Québec, Varennes, Canada Nanostructured ceramic electrolytes for solid-state batteries