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Guidelines for exchange international projects

Procedures and deadlines: what to do before leaving, during and after the exchange


Students who won an Erasmus+ exchange are required to contact the Teacher in charge of the relevant partner University to know more about specific suggestions and information in order to successfully complete the Learning Agreement and the request of credit recognition.

In order to be validated by the Degree Programme Board, the Learning Agreement must be submitted on AlmaRM and transmitted to the Teaching Office of the DIFA (V.le Berti-Pichat 6/2) along with the following documents for the credit total/partial recognition of the activities completed abroad:

- Equivalence form (for learning activities) - signed by the teacher responsible for the learning activity recognition

- Equivalence form (for internship/thesis) - signed by the teacher responsible for the final examination/internship recognition

NOTE: the approval of the Learning Agreement Degree Programme Board is subject to the submission of the above-mentioned documents. 


It is possibile to modify the Learning Agreement during the exchange period. In order to do so, students must fill in the Changes to the learning agreement form online and submit the above-mentioned equivalence form to the Teaching Office of the DIFA (V.le Berti-Pichat 6/2). In case of learning activities not included in the study plan, students must submit a request to change their study plan meeting the relevant deadlines and procedures.


At the end of the exchange period, students must obtain all official documents released by the partner University and fill in the Request of credit recognition on AlmaRM along with the marks obtained during the exchange period.

In case the learning activity is to be partially recognized, the teacher in charge of the learning activity can register the residual credits on AlmaEsami.


Students are invited to get in contact with the teacher responsible for the exchange before anything else. For general information or specific circumstances, students may refer to the teacher responsible for the exchanges programmes abroad of the Degree Programme.