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Double Master Programme in Physics with Sorbonne Université (Paris, France)

A Double Master Programme in Physics between the Master's Degree in Physics (Università di Bologna) and the Master de Physique fondamentale et applications (Sorbonne Université - France) has been established.

Partner Universities


Starting from academic year 2019/20, an agreement for a double title has come into force; students will obtain both the Italian Laurea Magistrale in Physics awarded by Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna, and the French Master de Physique fondamentale et applications awarded by Sorbonne Université.

The interested students will follow an integrated study programme in the field of materials physics and nano-objects, by spending a period in the partner university following courses and passing exams that will be then recognized by their home university.

This Double Degree Programme has considerable added value for the students.

First of all, the period abroad will enrich students’ cultural and personal background; by spending several months in Paris they will directly experience French culture and lifestyle.

The students will also experience a complementary approach to physics teaching and in the characterization, simulation and growth of nano-objects, at experimental and theoretical/computational levels.

The Sorbonne Université has state-of-the-art laboratories with experimental facilities complementary to the ones present in Bologna, and provides project activities in different areas.

The extra knowledge and new skills acquired will significantly enhance students’ ability to take part in international and large-scale projects. Finally, a double title will certainly add an international component to their carriers.


The Double Degree Programme will involve a maximum of 5 students per university per academic year. Students from Unibo willing to participate in the integrated study program have to be regularly enrolled in the degree programme Laurea Magistrale in Physics - curriculum Materials physics and nanoscience (MANO).


The courses at Sorbonne Université will be held in English, so it is not necessary to take French language tests; as for the whole Master Physics Program, English knowledge at B2 level is required.


During the second year, first semester the five selected students will attend Sorbonne Université, where they will attend courses from the Master de Physique fondamentale et applications parcours Sciences des matériaux et nano-objets, corresponding to a total of 30 ECTS, according to the enclosed table. The students and the corresponding academic supervisors from both parties will decide upon the final thesis subject; the thesis research activity can be carried out in Paris, or in Bologna, or in any other University or research center under other mobility programs.

In order to prepare the study plan, please contact prof. Daniela Cavalcoli and see the enclosed table with the study program.


Students are selected for the Double Degree Programme through the general Erasmus+ Call for applications - click here.

The Erasmus+ Call for applications opens on the 10th January 2023 and closes on 9th February 2023, at 1 p.m.

Information about the Erasmus + Call:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: it is under students' responsibility to check if their study plan is in line with the Double Degree study plan attached. 


On the study plan:

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