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Expected learning outcomes

Politics, Administration and Organization master programme aims to build welfare policies experts, public administration managers, and experts in the field of human resource management.

This degree programme provides theoretical, methodological and specific skills in the fields of organization theory, political and administrative science, sociology, industrial relations and comparative welfare policies.

The degree programme offers an educational path in order to allow graduates to: understand analytical models, manage work groups, handle advanced data analysis .

A specific learning activity in the English language is offered as well, in order to achieve a B2 level for the students who haven't acquired it yet.


The curriculum in Politics and Social Policy, taught entirely in English, focuses on the social and political consequences of globalization. Comparative politics and welfare policies teaching activities offered in this programme are aimed to integrate political and sociological knowledge.

Another key point revolves around interdisciplinary teaching activities, in order to acquire the specific skills to be developed by each professional profile:

Administrative science; Organization theory; Comparative politics; Comparative welfare policies in which political science, sociology, law and economics teaching activities are provided for specialization purposes.

Learning outcomes are also achieved through a wide choice of integrative and akin activities revolving around comparative politics, public policies, political economy and sociology.

Internships and laboratories are part of the course of study aimed to refine professional skills and allowing  students to put the acquired skills into practice.

A final thesis, consisting in a dissertation, allows students to further develop the acquired knowledge and skills through a research project. 

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