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Programme aims

Politics and Social Policy (PSP) is a two year second cycle degree (Master of Arts) programme entirely taught in English. The PSP programme is promoted by the Department of Political and Social Sciences and it benefits from its strong international reputation in teaching and research.

The design of the PSP is highly innovative, aiming at developing a qualified learning track at the intersection of comparative political economy, political science and sociology.

The programme enables a career at the highest level in local, national and international institutions, fostering students' ability to implement social policies and to analyse the relations between local, national and European authorities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and private companies.

Students in PSP will acquire a deep knowledge in subjects as comparative politics, social and welfare policies, labour market policies, politics and policies in the European Union, democracy and populism, social movements, comparative law in Europe. Training also includes in-house workshops and the writing of a final dissertation.

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