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SCoRe Students Representative Election

Policy summary

1.       The Student Representative

a.       The main role of Students Representative is to represent and communicate the students point of view inside the Degree Course Commitee, reporting both positive feedback and  concerns about issues that negatively affect the student experience. Students Representative will also be invited to particupate to the quality assurance commission in order to discuss the student surveys. He/she will also reports to their class mates the main points of discussions that took place at the Degree Committee meetings, and he/she will share information about any action that is decided as result of the discussion.

b.       He/she will represent all the SCoRe students enrolled at the International Master Degree during the years of his/her mandate.

c.       The Students Representative is elected by his/her peers – i.e. by the all the SCoRe students.

d.       To be eligible as  Students Representative, a student must be enrolled at the International Master Degree SCoRe.

e.       The mandate of the Students Representative will be valid until his/her graduation. New Students Representative Elections will be called by the SCoRe Director, within 6 months from the expiring date of the Students Representative mandate.


2.       Students Representative Candidature and Elections

a.       All the students whishing be candidate in the election of the Students Representative, must fill-in the Candidature Form and send it by e-mail to the SCoRe Programme Coordinator (, by November 10th, 2017.

b.       The Students Representative Election will take place on November 14th, 2017 from 09:00 to 12:00 in room C – Palazzo Santacroce (via Guaccimanni 42 – Ravenna)

c.       To elect the Students Representative, each SCoRe student must indicate only one name of the candidate list. The multiple vote is not admitted, votes having more than one name will not be valid.

d.       The Students Representative will be elected counting the simple majority of the votes of the voting students present.

e.       The Electoral List is composed by all the SCoRe students enrolled into the SCoRe Master Degree, thus all the first and second year students.

f.        The Electoral Board is composed by an election officer (the SCoRe Programme Coordinator) and by a scrutineer (an Administrative Staff Member).