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Final dissertation sessions

Final examination information will be available on Studenti Online. The website will provide information on the date, time, venue and Members of the Examination Board.

Final examination: modalities and deadlines

Dissertation defence

In order to graduate in Specialized Translation, students will have to pass an end-of-course examination consisting of the drafting of an original dissertation under the guidance of a supervisor, followed by its public defence. It is required that the dissertation topic is in line with the objectives of the Degree Course.

The end-of-course examination aims at testing the acquisition of students' competences in Specialized Translation relative to the Course curriculum.
The dissertation can also be carried out as part of an internship.

Rules of Conduct

When the final examinations take place, candidates and guests must comply with the following rules of conduct.

  • Arrive on time at the scheduled venue;
  • Wait for their turn, without causing disruption to any other teaching activities;
  • Do not sand in the indoor area after the proclamation;
  • Celebrations must take place outside avoiding excesses and maintaining a sober and appropriate behaviour.

Littering (indoor and outdoor spaces) with food, drinks and confetti is strictly forbidden. 
In the event of disturbances, the President of the Examination Board is authorised to suspend the session.