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General information on internships

Discover more about the different internship opportunities available to our students

Please note that untill further notice, curricular internships and internships for the final examination can be performed in remote mode only.

For further information please contact Ufficio Tirocini

Internships, for which specific agreements are made either on the University's or the student's initiative, provide valuable chances to get acquainted with the world of work.

Curricular internships

The study plan includes a 100-hour curricular internship, to be carried out during the first or the second year of your degree, with companies, translation and event management agencies, NGOs and other organizations, in Italy or abroad. The University of Bologna provides insurance cover during the internship, while costs for transport, board and lodgings, etc. are borne by the student.

Curricular internships are overseen by the Internship Committee and managed through the curricular internship website, where students apply.   Students who carry out their curricular internship during term time will have classroom attendance recognized for all courses in that period. Students who carry out their curricular internship during an exam session, may take their exams and make up lost hours later.

To know more about curricular internships, you can also visit this page.

Extra-curricular internships

Students are encouraged to undertake extra-curricular internships for projects connected with their final dissertations or with other learning pathways that are deemed strategic for their education and training. These internships last a maximum of 12 months, ending before the award of the degree. Three schemes are currently implemented through collaborations with national and international institutions: 

  • Language Toolkit: a joint initiative of the University of Bologna and the Forlì-Cesena Chamber of Commerce. Launched in the Academic Year 2013/14, it aims to foster the use of foreign languages for the internationalisation of SMEs in the Forlì-Cesena area.
  • Internships with DGT: 5-10 students every year have the opportunity to spend a month at the Directorate General for Translation of the European Commission (Brussels or Luxembourg), where they are mentored by experienced ​translators and terminologists working for EU institutions. The Department provides financial support for the best students who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity.

To know more about opportunities for traineeships periods abroad, you can also visit this page.

Internships for recent graduates

This type of internship is especially tailored for recent graduates (up to 12 months from graduation). It can last between 3 and 6 months and comes with some form of financial support from the hosting company/institution (the exact amount varies from region to region). Through an internship contract of this kind, graduates are given the opportunity to gain practical experience of the world of work, and may share their skills and knowledge with the company.

Other opportunities

As a student of the University of Bologna, you also have access to ​further opportunities for vocational training periods abroad. Check this page if you would like to know more.


The Internship Committee is chaired by Danio Maldussi, with administrative support from Cinzia Postacchini .

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