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Exam guidelines and behaviour

Are you ready for your examinations? Read what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do while sitting exams.

Exams are an important part of your study life. ​Remember that exams must be seriously prepared!

The Master ​course system consists of ​3 sittings ​every year.


Are you ready for your exam?

Do you:

1. Have your current UNIBO student card?

2. Know where your examination is being held?

3. Know what materials you are permitted to bring to the examination? (check with your course lecturer)

4. Have an approved calculator? (in exams where calculators are permitted)


Students will not be permitted to use a mobile phone (and smart watch or similar electronic data storage or communication device).

GOT A MOBILE PHONE?  Turn it off and place it under your chair in the exam venue. Students found with a mobile phone on their person are in breach of University regulations and they will not be allowed to finish the exam.