Vai alla Homepage del Campus di Rimini Second Cycle Degree/Two Year Master in Wellness Culture: Sport,  Health And Tourism

Classrooms, labs and libraries

Lecture halls

Lecture halls of varying size , while equipped differently, they all offer the University WIFI system free of charge.

Lecture Halls - Clodia complex

Location: Via Clodia 43 -45 -47 Rimini

Lecture Halls Navigare Necesse Complex

Location: Via dei Mille 39 - Rimini

Lecture Halls – Briolini Complex

Location: Corso D’Augusto n.237, Rimini

Porter’s Lodge Service

The service tends the entrances to teaching areas and provides information on the whereabouts of offices and classrooms.

Classrooms Navigare Necesse

Via dei Mille, 39

tel. 0541/434533


Classrooms Clodia

Via Clodia, 43-45-47

tel. 0541/434407

Study rooms

The degree programme makes various study rooms available for your use, whenever you want.

ITC laboratoires and PC Rooms

The Rimini Campus has 5 ICT laboratories and a Virtual Lab available inside and outside University structures


The Rimini Campus Branch Central Library provides services and resources designed to meet the needs of the entire academic community and of the citizenship The University of Bologna offers an extensive network of structures, library and document reference services. In particular, you can use the facilities of the humanities sector and the libraries covering law, economics and political sciences and social sciences. See the complete list of University libraries.