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Programme aims

The Wellness Culture: Sport, Health andTourism second cycle degree programme aims to form high-profile professionalswith transversal competencies such as those involving areas connected with“life style” and personal psycho-physical wellness. A field of interventiondesigned to plan and manage events and activity programmes of public andprivate entities aiming to promote “Quality of life” and individual empowerment(focussing in particular on the young and the elderly). The fields ofintervention include mainly: physical, ludic and sports activities inrecreational and free-time contexts, promoting the culture of sports andpsycho-physical wellness and sports tourism. Employment opportunities forsecond cycle degree graduates may include educational, sports and culturalinstitutions, as well as entities tasked with maintaining and improving health.

During the first year, the programme isdesigned to provide students with essential scientific references to help themelaborate the meaning of “Wellness Culture” in its complexity and entirety.Such knowledge is essential to understand the scope of the fields ofintervention and the issues and project opportunities they provide, as well asthe responsibilities implied. The following stage of the programme is designedto direct students towards their “field of choice” providing them with specificplanning and intervention competencies, without losing sight of the overallview within the Wellness context. As a result, professionals will be able tospend their devising, planning and managing skills in a range of differentfields, all sharing a common objective: “Quality of life”. An objectivenaturally inclusive of interventions related to sport, and in general tophysical activity and health, education and protection and promotion of theenvironment.