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Programme aims

The specific aim of the international curriculum in “Arts, Museology and Curatorship” is to discuss the different methodologies in the fields of valorization of the arts, museology and curatorship in an international perspective. It provides training to students who wish to work in the various fields of international artistic heritage and curatorship, as well as to those who plan to continue their training in schools of specialization and PhD programmes. The teaching programme includes theory courses and theoretical-practical activities. The theory courses allow students to acquire a deep historical, critical and operational knowledge and to learn the tools necessary to respond to the newest challenges related to the exhibition, conservation and valorization of the arts. The theoretical-practical activities allow students to design projects to practically apply the theoretical issues discussed during the courses, to learn the basic methodologies necessary to undertake research projects and to work collectively with colleagues and teachers on shared issues. The purpose is to encourage students to compare their cultural background and to develop different forms of co-learning.